Somerset County Herald 25 Jul 1942 Handbells Rung over Grave Mr. Joseph MADDOCK of the Wood Street Inn Taunton

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 25 Jul 1942

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Mr. Joseph MADDOCK of the Wood Street Inn, Taunton died on Sunday after a long illness. Mr. MADDOCK was 77, and his wife, who had been the licensee of the Wood Street Inn for many years, died only 3 weeks ago. A native of Stogumber, Mr. MADDOCK as a young man worked as a carpenter for Mr. John SULLY, a well-known West Somerset bellhanger. Later he became a master builder and was in business in Taunton for a number of years. Outside his business interests he was keenly interested in bellringing, and there was not more popular figure among the bellringers in Somerset. He helped to found the Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers. As an authority on bellringing, his reputation was not confined to Somerset; he was known in London and other parts of England. For many years he was captain of the St. James' Band of Change Ringers, and his services in that parish were greatly appreciated.


The Rev. Walter GREEN, vicar of St. James, conducted the funeral service at St. Mary's Cemetery on Thursday afternoon, when a number of local ringers and other friends attended. At the close of the service the plain course of the Grandsire Triples was rung with handbells over the grave by Messrs. H. WALKER and A. H. REED, of St. James Church, and Messrs. W. H. LLOYD and H. P. MERSON, of St. Mary's Church.

The principal mourners were Mr. Ernest MADDOCK (son), Mrs HABY (daughters), Mr. and Mrs. Ernest MADDOCK (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. E. F. C. WOOD (stepson and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. H. JENNINGS, Crowcombe (brother-in-law and sister), Mrs. L. LOCK, Crowcombe (sister), and Mr. C. LOCK (nephew).

Friends present included Messrs. A. J. WYATT, Wilton, T. H. TAFFENDER, now of Ilminster and formerly of London, and Joe FOWLER, old ringing colleagues; Messrs. W. J. HAYES, T. H. ORGAN, S. WINE and W. PARSONS; Messrs. G. STONE and E. J. HUNT, former employees; Mrs. HUNT, Mrs. MORGAN, Mrs. BOSLEY, Mrs. OATEN, Mrs. RICHARDS, Miss RICHARDS, Mrs J. BURGE, Miss Helen STOWELL, Mrs. MOORE, Mrs. DUDDRIDGE, Mrs. COLES and Mr. C. BICKHAM.

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