Somerset County Gazette 18 Mar 1944 Death and Funeral of Mr. William (or Dick) OATEN Trull

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Somerset County Herald Saturday 18 Mar 1944 Page 6



Many have heard with regret of the death of Mr. William (popularly known as Dick) OATEN, of 1, Oakfield-terrace, Trull, Taunton, which occurred at Taunton Hospital on March 6th, at the age of 60 years. His death came as a shock to his numerous friends in the village and at Westland, Yeovil, where he was employed. He had previously worked for Newton's, of Taunton, for 35 years, and for a short time in London. He was particularly interested in Trull Village Club and the Taunton Whist and Skittle League, and the Trull Sports Club, being in his younger days an enthusiastic footballer and cricketer. For many years as a boy he was in Trull Church choir. He leaves a wife four sons and two daughters.


The funeral took place at the Parish Church of All Saints, Trull, on Thursday of last week, and was largely attended. The coffin had been taken in the church overnight. The service was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. M. L. WINTERTON).

The principal mourners were Mrs. OATEN (wife), Messrs. Maurice, Dennis and Granville OATEN (sons), Mrs. C. MIDDLE and Miss P. OATEN (daughters), Mr. F. OATEN (brother), Mr. C. MIDDLE (son-in-law), Mrs. M. OATEN and Mrs. D. OATEN (daughters-in-law), Mrs. F. OATEN and Mrs. A. G. ELLIS (sisters-in-law), Mrs. STACEY, Mrs. A. MELHUISH and Mrs. A. COOMBS (nieces), Mr. and Mrs. Cliff KNIGHT (cousins), Mr. Ronald OATEN was unable to attend owing to indisposition.

Among others present were Councillor F. PAYNE (representing the Taunton branch of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers), Mr. A. EARLEY, B.E.M., and Mr. A. SMITH (representing the Amalgamated Engineers' Union Yeovil), Mr. E. W. A. GROVES (Trull Sports Club), Mr. H. J. C. WEAVER (Trull Village Club), Mr. W. J. JENKINS (Trull branch of the National Deposit Friendly Society), Mrs. WAYE, Mrs. ESCOTT, Mrs. W. OAKE, Mr. B. SHARP, Mrs. BLUETT, Mrs. E. SHIRE, Mrs. CARTER, Mrs. WILLIAMS, Mrs. C. BOWERMAN, MR. and Mrs. H. LOCK, Mr. S. PAYNE, Mr. and Mrs. A. PYKE, Miss R. GREGORY, Mr. and Mrs. E. CHURCHILL, Mrs. W. J. BISHOP, MR. F. S. DOBLE, Miss A. BISHOP, Mr. G. POOLE, Mrs. H. CHURCHILL, Miss GILES, Mr. C. DAY, Mrs V. FOURACRE, Mrs. W. COBBIN, Mr. and Mrs. George RIDGE, Mrs. PERRY, Mrs. FAULKNER, Mrs. W. LENTHAL, Mrs. C. DOBLE and Mrs. S. FOURACRE, Messrs. W. J. BISHOP, A. MELHUISH, P. DAVIES and T. OAKE, members of the Sports Club acted as bearers.

There was a large number of floral tributes including:- From his workmates at Westland; Taunton branch A.E.U., and the Trull Village and Sports Clubs.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr. R. J. DOBLE, of Trull.


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