Somerset County Herald 22 Jun 1946 Wiveliscombe The Late Mrs E. M. NATION of Southgate Wiveliscombe

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 22 Jun 1946

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A public meeting to consider restating Wiveliscombe Town Band is to be held next Friday. This was decided at a meeting on Friday of last week which was well attended, with Mr. Ben GREEDY in the chair. Before 1939 the band had been reorganised and was doing excellently. It had several recruits who were making good progress


The death of Mrs. E. M. NATION, widow of Mr. William J. NATION, occurred at her home, 3, Southgate, Wiveliscombe, on Saturday, after a long illness. Mrs. NATION, who was 79, was born at Langley Marsh, and had lived at Wiveliscombe all her life. Mr. NATION died nine years ago. Mrs. NATION had always shewn a keen interest in church affairs. She had been a regular member of Mrs. McCRIRICK's Bible Class and of the Mothers' Union for many years. She leaves three sons and five daughters. The funeral took place at St. Andrew's Church on Wednesday, the Vicar, Rev. C. W. BISHOP, officiating. The principal mourners were: Arthur, Stanley and Henry, sons; Edith, Lil, Florence, Dorothy and Ethel, daughters; Mr. Len MIDDLETON, grandson; Messrs. W. MIDDLETON and R. PARSONS, sons-in-law; Mesdames A. NATION and S. NATION, daughters-in-law; Mr. F. H. SAFFIN, brother; Mrs. E. WEBBER, sister; Mrs. E. SAFFIN, sister-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. W. LYDDON, cousins; Mrs. W. HODGE, niece. Mr. George STONE and Mr. W. ALLEN, sons-in-law, were unable to attend, also Mr. Edward MIDDLETON, grandson, in the Fleet Air Arm, was unable to be present. Amongst the numerous friends present were: Mr. R. H. PONSFORD, Mrs. Sidney SHOPLAND and daughter, Miss TRISTRAM, Mrs. PARSONS and Mrs. MEAD, Milverton, Mrs. W. GREEDY, Mrs. GARDNER, Mrs. W. GAMLIN, Mrs. Samuel STONE, Mrs. BOWDEN, Mrs. SALTER, Mrs. GAINES, Mr. and Mrs. F. BEASLEY, and many others. There were many floral tributes.

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