Somerset County Herald 27 Apr 1946 Inn Licenses Holman Clavel Inn PURCHASE KEARNEY the Blackbook Inn Ruishton COOMBES GREEDY King's Head Inn Athelney WHITING MEADE

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 27 Apr 1946

Page 4 Column 6


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At Taunton County Sessions on Saturday, Mr. Michael KEARNEY, of Aberdare, was granted the licence of the Holman Clavel Inn, Otterford, formerly held by Mr. H. L. PURCHASE. The licence of the Blackbrook Inn, Ruishton, was transferred from Mr. Arthur Alfred COOMBES to Mr. Arthur James GREEDY, of Wiveliscombe. Mr. Harold Henry MEADE was given a protection order to hold the licence of the King's Head Inn, Athelney, which was formerly held by his father-in-law, the late Mr. Herbert O. WHITING.

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<NOTES: Harold Henry MEADE son of Henry MEADE and Bessie POCOCK, married Norah Frances WHITING>