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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 01 Mar 1947

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When application was made at the Magistrates' Court, on Thursday, for an extension of the hours to 1 a.m. For an Ilminster Police Ball at the George Hotel, the Chairman (Mr. L. HEPWORTH) commented. “There is sure to be an objection to this by the police.”

Supt. TRAVERS: There is, sir. I think 12 o'clock is late enough.

The Chairman said the licence would be granted until 12.30 a.m., and added, “We are not making an exception for the police. We often grant until 12.30. We don't love the police as much as all that.” (Laughter.)


The funeral took place at Ilminster Cemetery on Monday of Mrs. Elsie Ann DENMAN (wife of Mr. F. D. DENMAN, of Frost Farm, Ilton, and daughter of the late Mr. J. P. STEEL, corn merchant, of Yeovil), who died at the age of 66, at Frost, Ilton, on Wednesday. The Rev. J. E. ROGERS, vicar of Ilton, officiated. The chief mourners were:- Mr. F. D. DENMAN (husband), Mr. and Mrs. F. J. DENMAN, Oxenford (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. H. J. OATEN, London (son-in-law), Mrs.W. COURTNEY, Bristol (sister), Mr. S. STEEL, Yeovil (brother), Mr. H. DENMAN, Langport (brother-in-law), Mrs. F. ELLIOTT and Mr. L. DENMAN. Mrs. Phyllis OATEN (daughter) was in hospital, and was unable to attend as also was Mrs. W. J. PHILLIPS, Yeovil (sister), Rev. F. G. STEEL, Oxford (brother), Mrs. W. P. BROOKS, Yeovil (sister), and the Rev. E. W. MILLS, West Norwood, London (brother-in-law). Others present were Mr. T. N. PEACH (Ilton), Mr. H. DIBBLE (Ilford), Mrs. E. BAKER (Ilton), Mrs. J. PHILLIPS (Ilton), the Misses E. K. and J. B. SLADE (Ham, Combe St. Nicholas), Mr. J. PERRIN (Curry Mallett), and Miss E. PERRIN (Isle Abbotts); Mr. J. WELCH (Ilford), and Mr. Peter HANSFORD (Oxenford).


At the Magistrates' Court, on Thursday, fines of 5s were imposed on each of the following for failing to conform with “Halt” signs:- Joseph HUSSEY, lorry driver, 34 East-street, West Coker; William Rhys JOHN, medical practitioner, 11, New-road, Ilminster; James Walter TANNER, lorry driver, Shaftesbury-avenue, Southampton; Mrs. Shaelagh GARNER, Manor Farm, Beercrocombe.

A similar summons against Morley Edwin GOODLAND, farmer, Ashford, Ilton, was dismissed on payment of costs. He stated that he stopped at the “Halt” sign, but not at the white line.

The Bench also dismissed similar summonses against two motorists when it was stated that the road had been re-surfaced, and that the white lines had not been repainted. They were Mrs. Janet BARKWORTH, Brock Cottage, Curry Rivel, and Albert BROOKS, Mile End, Grosvenor, Bath.

Summoned for cycling without front or rear lights, William Henry BOND, farm worker, Compton Durville, South Petherton, was fined £1.

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<NOTES: Mrs Elsie Ann DENMAN is Elsie Ann STEEL daughter of James Peden STEEL and Jane GRABHAM, married Frank Dalley DENMAN>