Somerset County Herald 07 aug 1948 Golden Wedding at Stoke St Gregory Mr and Mrs W. J. UPHAM of Ivy House Curload Stoke St Gregory inc PRIDDLE North Curry

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 07 Aug 1948

Page 3 Column 6

Golden Wedding at Stoke St. Gregory

United Tributes to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. UPHAM

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. UPHAM of Ivy House, Curload, Stoke St. Gregory, who were married by the Rev. W. OSTLER, at the Stoke St. Gregory Baptist Church, on August 1st, 1898, celebrated their golden wedding on August Bank Holiday, Mr. UPHAM's 71st birthday. His wife, the second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William PRIDDLE, of North Curry, is 72.

They have spent all their married life at Stoke St. Gregory and are held in the highest regard throughout the district. They received many gifts and messages of congratulations from over a wide area.

Mr. UPHAM is well known as a farmer and basket-maker, and as a Baptist Church worker. He and his wife are two of the oldest members of the local church, where he has been a deacon for many years. He is also a member of the Somerset Rivers Catchment Board.


After the evening service, on Sunday, Mr. H. C. CHEDZOY, on behalf of the members, presented Mr. and Mrs. UPHAM with a framed illuminated address and Mrs. A. PIPE presented Mrs. UPHAM with a bouquet of carnations and ferns. The address referred to the long and active association of both Mr. and Mrs. UPHAM with the church; congratulated them on their golden wedding, and wished them every blessing in the future. The address was signed by all the deacons and the Minister-designate, the Rev. E. BUSHELL. Photographs of the old and new Baptist Chapels at Stoke appear with the address. Mr. and Mrs. UPHAM were the second couple to be married in the present church. In honour of his having served the church as member and deacon for over 50 years, Mr. UPHAM was made an elder.

About 100 relatives and friends attended the golden wedding celebration. Mr. and Mrs. UPHAM's six sons and three daughters were all present, and 13 of their 15 grandchildren. Greetings were expressed at the tea table by the Rev. G. C. THOMPSON (minister of Albemarle Baptist Church, Taunton), the Rev. S. Lano COWARD (vicar of Stoke St. Gregory), Mr. E. A. WILLIAMS (Taunton), and Mr. W. FISHER (Burrowbridge).

Mr. and Mrs. UPHAM thanked their family and friends for having given them “one of the happiest week-ends of their lives.”

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<NOTES: Walter John UPHAM son of John UPHAM and Jane HODGE, married Sarah Jane PRIDDLE

Sarah Jane PRIDDLE daughter of William PRIDDLE and Elizabeth PRING, married Walter John UPHAM>