Somerset County Herald 02 Dec 1950 North Petherton Farmer Funeral of Mr. Henry John SLOCOMBE of Belle Vue North Petherton

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 02 Dec 1950

Page 4 Column 5

North Petherton Farmer

Funeral of Mr. H. J. SLOCOMBE

North Petherton Congregational Church was filled with mourners and sympathisers on Tuesday for the funeral service of Mr. Henry John SLOCOMBE, aged 34, of Belle Vue, North Petherton, vice-chairman of Bridgwater branch, National Farmers' Union, whose death from infantile paralysis was reported last week.

The Rev. Hugh R. DOLPHIN conducted the service and the interment afterwards in the cemetery. Mr. A. J. BRADBEER played for the hymns. “Lead, Kindly Light,” “Jesu, Lover of my Soul,” “Abide with me,” “How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds” and “The radiant morn hath passed away.”

The principal family mourners were Mrs. H. J. SLOCOMBE (wife), Mr. and Mrs. W. J. SLOCOMBE (parents), Mr. and Mrs. L. G. HARDEN (parents-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. A. F. WOOD (brother-in-law and sister), and Ronald and Doreen HARDEN (brother-in-law and sister-in-law).


Mr. P. G. TOLSON, county secretary, N.F.U., represented Mr. C. T. JAMES, county chairman, Somerset branch N.F.U., and Mr. E. J. GARLAND, secretary, Bridgwater branch, which was also represented by Messrs. V. W. BIFFEN, chairman (Otterhampton), E. W. JEANES, past chairman (Codington), W. P. WHITE and J. H. HOWSE (Cannington), W. H. DYER (Durleigh), A. H. DAY (Goathurst), S. and R. J. SHATTOCK (North Petherton), S. LANG (Durleigh), J. W. DOSSON (Spaxton), A. H. TARR (Chedzoy), I. D. BELL (Cossington), F. LOCKYER (Shapwick), P. POCOCK (North Petherton), H. SNOOK, P. WHITE (Nether Stowey), C. G. VENN (Thurloxton), T. WINSLADE (North Newton), W. W. HOUSE (Puriton), B. G. WHITE and J. R. BARROW (Bridgwater), M. A. JEANES (Nether Stowey, also representing F. G. JEANES), M. BERRY (North Petherton, representing W. D. BERRY), G. O. LOCKYER (Pawlett), T Bond CHAPMAN (also representing T. H. MERSON, North Petherton), E. R. JONES (North Petherton), P. J. and A. VENNER (North Petherton), H. and W. VENNER (Cannington), S. ADAMS (Rhode).

Representing North Petherton Parish Council were Mr. T. J. W. CLATWORTHY, chairman (also representing Bridgwater Rural District Council, School Managers and Gymkhana Committee), Mrs. E. A. BEGGS and Messrs. W. CLATWORTHY, A. E. MILLER (also representing L. MILLER, Stogursey), W. H. GIBBS, F. J. PYKE, W. FOSTER, C. WEST, L. SLOCOMBE, and the Clerk, Mr. C. E. ADDICOTT.

Mr. A. G. EDWARDS represented Bridgwater Divisional Conservative Association and Mr. Gerald WILLS, M.P., and the North Petherton branch was represented by Mr. B. R. BROUGHTON, who also represented Maj. G. R. MATHER. Bridgwater Young Farmers' Club was represented by Mr. R. J. ROOD, and Bridgwater and District Agricultural Society by Mr. W. E. DUCKWORTH. Mrs. W. CARTER represented Mr. E. J. ROGERS and Mr. W. CARTER, school managers, and Mr. R. A. WATTS, the headmaster, attended on behalf of the school.

Among others attending were Messrs. F. DOLDING (H. Kelland & Co., Cannington), T. S. BELL (Burrowbridge), S. CORAM (Coram & Sons), R. and C. T. HUTCHINGS (Spaxton), L. C. BROWN (Reed & Reed), C. D. PALMER (also representing L. H. PALMER), C. A. GILBERT (Weston Zoyland), R. N. C. GROVE (Mrs. HAWKINS and Mrs. GROVE), W. WILLS (North Petherton), E. FEAR (Moorland), S. HUNT (Hunt Bros.), L. DIGHT (Tamlyn & Son), F. W. MOVERLEY and G. W. TOTTLE (Bridgwater), E. J. HEAL, E. H. DARKE, H. and E. RIDGE, C. and E. STONE, C. E. Stuart SCOTT, G. DUNN (Rhode), R. G. LAVIS, J. and N. BOND, C. J. COATE, L. V. APTER, P. M. FROST (Axbridge), T. HARDEN, T. G. WINSLADE, K. DYER, E. BASTABLE (also representing W. BASTABLE), A. IRISH, J. BOWERING, J. NORMAN, W. LANGFORD and K. MOATE (representing Mrs. MOATE).

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. BELL, Mr. and Mrs. HARDEN, Mr. and Mrs. W. COATE (representing Miss G. COATE), Mesdames S. ADAMS, A. E. MILLER, J. LANG, C. R. DUNN, L. WATTS, GUNNINGHAM (representing North Petherton Evening and Women's Institutes), E. J. WIGLEY, C. W. COATE, L. BOND, BOWERING, HAGGETT, FROST, E. STONE, DOLPHIN, S. SLOCOMBE, G. T. DOCK, HOWSE, RETALLACK, CHEDZOY, W. HOUSE, JENKINS (also representing Mr. J. JENKINS), SHAPTER (also representing Mr. C. J. SHAPTER), W. COATE, PIKE (Cannington), S. HODGE, R. CLATWORTHY, N. MARTIN, T. CLATWORTHY, D. MILLER, J. HODGE, SPILLER, C. E. ADDICOTT, SPENDER, BRADBEER, W. GIBBS, J. SLOCOMBE, A. THORNE, R. WARREN, D. PERRY, O. RICHARDS, the Misses APTER, HARDEN (Burnham-on-Sea), BOWERING, J. JENKINS (representing Mr. and Mrs. A. JENKINS, cousins, of Dunkeswell Abbey), NOLAN, G. SHATTOCK (representing Miss RUMSBY, Conservative Association), G. NORMAN, PYKE, LAVIS, K. CLATWORTHY, WARREN, BERRY.

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