Somerset County Herald 03 Jun 1950 Taunton Woman Gassed Herself Mrs Ellen Matilda FOURACRE of 85 Station Road Taunton

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 03 Jun 1950

Page 8 Column 5

Taunton Woman Gassed Herself

Run Down and Worried Over Her Business

Mrs. Ellen Matilda FOURACRE, aged 37, of 85, Station-road, Taunton, was found dead in a gas-filled room at her home on Wednesday morning.

She was the widow of Mr. A. E. FOURACRE, a cycle dealer, who died 11 years ago.

An inquest was conducted on Thursday by the Coroner, Mr. Peter SMITH.

Dr. Rowland HUSBANDS said until the past month Mrs. FOURACRE had been in good health. Recently she was slightly depressed and rather tired. She was worried because her business “seemed too much for her,” and she could not decided whether or not to dispose of it.


Mrs. Mary Marguerite TREVOR said her mother had pneumonia and pleurisy about two years ago and had not been in the best of health since. Recently she had been very run down and depressed and a holiday was discussed.

At about 7.30 a.m. on Wednesday she found her mother dead on the floor of the back kitchen with a tube from a wall bracket to her mouth and a blanket around her.

Producing letters in Mrs. FOURACRE's handwriting, which were found in the house, the Coroner, said he did not propose to read them, but added “They indicate quite clearly what she intended to do.”


Mrs. TREVOR added that the business was in a reasonably sound financial position and there was nothing for her mother to have worried about. Mrs. FOURACE was completely run down and was inclined to magnify things that were rather unimportant.

Evidence was given by Frederick FUDGE, district gas inspector, of 10, Haydon-road, Taunton, and by P.C. HORRILL, who was called to the house.

Recording a verdict that Mrs. FOURACRE took her life while the balance of her mind was disturbed, the Coroner said when a person was badly run down things often seemed worse than they really were.

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<NOTES: Ellen Matilda FOURACRE daughter of Charles FOURACRE and Matilda Ann VICKERY, married Albert Edward FOURACRE

Mr E. A. FOURACRE is Albert Edward FOURACRE, son of James Henry FOURACRE and Julia HEMBROW, married Ellen Matilda FOURACRE

Mary Marguerite TREVOR was Mary Marguerite FOURACRE daughter of Albert Edward FOURACRE and Ellen Matilda FOURACRE, married ? TREVOR>