Taunton Courier 09 Sep 1950 Taunton Officer Under Fire Lieut. John Egerton D'Oyly HINDE of Rowford Lodge Cheddon Fitzpaine

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 09 Sep 1950

Page 8 Column 6

Taunton Officer Under Fire

Lieut. J. E. D. HINDE in Korea

Lieut John Egerton D'Oyly HINDE, 26, whose home is at Rowford Lodge, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, is reported to have been the first British soldier to come under fire in Korea.

Lieut. HINDE, who has been stationed at Colchester, is now with the 1st U.S. Cavalry Division, being one of a small party of British officers sent from Britain by air to spend a fortnight in the field with the Americans.

With his parents, Lieut. HINDE came to live at Rowford Lodge a year ago. A native of Herefordshire, he is a regular soldier and was commissioned in the Royal Ulster Rifles during the war. He was attached to the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment and saw service in the Middle East and Germany.

He expects to return to Colchester shortly.

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