Somerset County Herald 29 Nov 1958 Former Trull Plumber Death of Mr Harry DAVIES of Elm House Staplehay includes FOURACRE and OATEN

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 29 Nov 1958

Page 6 Column 6

Former Trull Plumber

Death of Mr. H. DAVIES

Mr. Harry DAVIES (81) died at his home, Elm House, Staplehay, on Sunday. He lived at Trull for many years and in his youth played for Trull cricket team.

He carried on business as a plumber and decorator at Trull and worshipped regularly at the village church. His wife died in 1950 and he leaves two sons.

The funeral service on Thursday afternoon at Trull Parish Church was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. H. W. T. STAMP. Family mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. Percy DAVIES and Mr. and Mrs. Reg DAVIES (sons and daughters-in-law), Mr. T. DAVIES (grandson), Mrs. N. DEE, Mrs. M. MARSHALL, Mr. and Mrs. R. WYATT and Mr. and Mrs. L. WYATT (nieces and nephews), Mr. A. ELKINGTON and Mrs. K. CRIDDLE (friends).

General mourners included Mr. Geo. FOURACRE, Mr. E. W. GROVES, Miss H. DOBLE, Miss WOODMAN, Mrs. J. BISHOP (also representing Mr. J. BISHOP), Mrs. G. OSBORNE, Mr. Harry WYATT (also representing Mrs. WYATT), Mr. F. LOCK, Mr. E. OAKE, Mrs. A. OATEN, Mr. and Mrs. S. BUDDEN, Mrs. F. OATEN (also representing Mr. A. W. Oaten & Son), Mrs. HAMBLIN, Mrs. B. FOURACRE (also representing Mr. FOURACRE), Mr. and Mrs. J. J. DORSE (also representing Mrs. E. G. DORSE), Mr. E. WEAVER.

The funeral arrangements were by Mr. Leonard E. SMITH, of Haydon-road, Taunton.

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