Somerset County Herald 05 Dec 1959 Four Nephews Were Bearers Trull Funeral of Mr Walter John COLLARD of 3 Oakfield Terrace

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 05 Dec 1959

Page 12 Column 6

Four Nephews Were Bearers

Trull Funeral of Mr. W. J. COLLARD

The funeral took place at Trull, on Friday, of Mr. Walter John COLLARD, aged 76, of 3, Oakfield Terrace. He died on Monday of last week after collapsing at Trull Village Hall, where he was caretaker. He was also the school-crossing patrol and had been a well-known sportsman and gardener.

The service, in the Parish Church, was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. H. W. T. STAMP. The body has rested overnight in the church.

The mourners were: Mrs. W. COLLARD (wife); Mr. M. V. L. COLLARD (son); Mrs. C. WOOLLEY and Mrs. E. HOOPER (daughters); Mr. W. COLLARD (brother); Mrs. G. FOURACRE (sister); Mr. E. R. HOOPER (son-in-law); Mrs. M. V. L. COLLARD (daughter-in-law), Mr. C. WOOLLEY (son-in-law); Mr. G. FOURACRE (brother-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. F. TOOZE, Mr. E. OAKE (brothers-in-law and sister-in-law) Miss P. FOURACRE, Mrs. H. DAVIS (nieces); Mrs. J. HAMILTON (friend).

Among the general mourners were: Mr. K. OATEN, Mrs. W. OATEN, Mrs. F. FOURACRE, Mrs. . FOURACRE, Mrs. S. FOURACRE (also representing Mr. S. FOURACRE and Mr. G. FOURACRE), Mr. and Mrs. W. BLAMEY, Mr. K. R. BRYANT (Trull Primary School), Mr. K. BAKER, Miss CROSS, Mr. W. B. CLATWORTHY, Mrs. R. CHURCHILL (also representing Mr. R. CHURCHILL), Mrs. H. CHURCHILL (also representing Mr. H. CHURCHILL), Mr. C. DOBLE (also representing Mrs. DOBLE), Mrs H. J. FORD (also representing Mr. H. J. FORD), Miss HEWITT (also representing Mr. R. HEWITT), Mr. F. KAYS (representing Messrs. T. S. PENNY & Sons), Mrs. LISCOMBE (also representing Major LISCOMBE); Mrs. W. MULLINS (also representing Mr. W. MULLINS), Mrs. H. MELHUISH (also representing Mr. A. MELHUISH), Mrs. E. OSBORNE (also representing Mr. Michael OSBORNE), Mrs. PRYOR, Mrs. H. W. T. STAMP, Mrs. E. SHATTOCK, Mr. SPARKES, Mr. F. G. STEVENS (churchwarden), Mrs. J. T. TURNEY (Infant Welfare), Mrs. F. TRUMP (also representing Mr. F. TRUMP); Mr. TUTCHER, Mr. W. VICKERY, Mr. E. WEAVER, Mr. G. J. A. WILKINSON (churchwarden), Mr. H. WYATT (also representing Mrs. WYATT).

Many Flowers

Floral tributes were sent as follows: To a devoted husband and dad, from his loving wife and children 'One of the Dearest, one of the Best, God grant to him Eternal Rest'; In loving memory of dear Granfy, from Marguerite, Sally, Diana and Cherry; Loving sister Edie; George, Leonard and Phyllis; Brother Bill and Floss; Fred and Flo; Ted, Else, Marian and Geoff; Fred, Marjory and Sue; Ken, Phyl and Adrian; Lilian, Bill, Ken, Margaret; Percy, Cis and family; Fred and Kate; Dot, George and family, Trinity Street; Aunt Bett; Geoff (Bristol); The Rev. and Mrs. H. W. T. STAMP; Sid, Mary and Gordon; neighbours of Oakfield Terrace and Mrs. AMBLIN; Vera, Cliff, Daisy and Den (Chilton Polden); John, Irene and family; All at No. 11, Wyatts Field; Peggy, Peter and Janet SLEATH; Mabel SLADE; All his pals at T. S. PENNY Ltd.; Mr. and Mrs. E. SHIRE, Pat and Keith; Mr. and Mrs. W. BLAMEY; Mr. and Mrs. C. DAY and Ann; Managers, staff and children, Trull Primary School; Mr. and Mrs. POOLE and customers Winchester Arms; Mrs. F. WEAVER; Steve, Christine and Mary PRICE; Mr. and Mrs. G. J. A. WILKINSON; Trull Men's Club; Walt VICKERY; Mrs. STIER; Mrs. BROWNE; Harry and Beat MELHUISH; Mrs. OSBORNE and Michael; Friends at Bristol; Trull Football Club; Betty, Den and Deborah; Mr. and Mrs. F. PENNY and Marjorie.

The bearers were nephews of Mr. COLLARD – Messrs. F., L. and K. FOURACRE and Mr. W. OATEN.

Mrs. COLLARD and family wish to thank, sincerely, neighbours and friends for their kindness, also for the many letters of sympathy and for the beautiful floral tributes sent.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr. L. SMITH, of Haydon Road, Taunton, to whom they also tender their sincere thanks.

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<NOTES: Walter John COLLARD son of Robert COLLARD and Sarah GIBBS, married Lilly Mary OAKE

Mrs W. COLLARD is Lilly Mary OAKE daughter of William Charles OAKE and Eliza HAYES, married Walter John COLLARD

Mrs F. TOOZE is Florence Joan OAKE daughter of William Charles OAKE and Eliza HAYES, married Frederick TOOZE

Mrs. G. FOURACRE is Edith COLLARD daughter of Robert COLLARD and Sarah GIBBS, married George FOURACRE

Mr W. OATEN and Mr K. OATEN are likely to be William J. D. OATEN and Kenneth A. OATEN sons of Arthur OATEN and Elsie Jane OAKE (she was the daughter of William Charles OAKE and Eliza HAYES)>