Somerset County Herald 05 Sep 1959 Somerset Notes and Queries Nancy or Ann OATEN of Pitminster daughter of Elizabeth or Betty OATEN nee SEYMOUR

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 05 Sep 1959

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Nancy (Ann) OATEN

On 20th August, 1797, Nancy OATEN, last-born of ten children of Elizabeth (Betty) OATEN, nėe SEYMOUR, was baptized in Pitminster Village Church. Elizabeth OATEN was the well-known Pitminster centenarian, whose alleged dates are 1747-1855. If the first date is correct, the mother was 50 at the time of the birth.

To the best of my knowledge there has been no mention of Nancy OATEN in Press notices of the centenarian and her family, and no one knows what happened to her. The name Nancy is, or at least was, a pet form of Ann.

At Pitminster Church, in 1825, were married Thomas VINCENT and An [sic] OATEN, and on the night when the 1851 Census was taken, a William VINCENT, aged 21, who may have been a son of this marriage, was staying with William OATEN, son of the centenarian, in his house on Adcombe Hill, Pitminster; the old lady, then stated to be 104, was living there with her son. She was possibly William VINCENT's grandmother.

Now, if William VINCENT lived his full allotted span, many people living today may have met him in their youth. Can any of these, including possible descendants of William VINCENT, throw any light on what happened to Nancy OATEN?


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<NOTES: Nanny or Ann OATEN daughter of George OATEN and Elizabeth or Betty SEYMOUR, married Thomas VINCENT

Elizabeth or Betty SEYMOUR married George OATEN>