Somerset County Herald 08 Aug 1959 Mrs Maria Jane SALTER 101 on Monday of 6 Hammett Street North Petherton includes Miss Edith SALTER

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 08 Aug 1959

Page 1 Column 7

Mrs. SALTER 101 on Monday

MRS. Maria Jane SALTER, of 6, Hammett Street, North Petherton celebrates her 101st birthday on Monday.

Bedridden for almost a year, Mrs. SALTER is cared for by her daughter, Miss Edith SALTER, who worked for many years at a Bridgwater confectioner's shop until she had to devote all her time to her mother.

Miss SALTER told our representative this week that she had lived with her mother all her life. 'We have few relatives – in fact none near here – and I feel it my duty to be with her all the time.'

Mrs. SALTER is blind and almost deaf. Eighteen months ago she was seriously ill with pleurisy, but made a fairly good recovery before celebrating her 100th birthday when she received a telegram from the Queen. I don't think mother has got over the excitement of it yet.' said Miss SALTER.

300 Babies

Until the age of 75 Mrs. SALTER had led an active life as a midwife and nurse. A year ago she could recall helping to bring 300 babies into the world, but strangely enough has never been able to establish her own birthplace, although the date is recorded in the family Bible.

'I shall never know whether it was in Somerset or Devon,' she said on her 100th birthday. As a young woman she was in service at the Wiveliscombe home of the late Mr. William HANCOCK and was married in 1879 at the age of 21. Her late husband, Mr. Robert SALTER, was a maltster with Starkey, Knight and Ford Ltd., at Bridgwater and North Petherton.

Until about five years ago Mrs. SALTER attended North Petherton Parish Church and took an active part in village affairs.

Now, robbed of her memories of an active life, she is dependent on the loving care and devotion of her daughter who is rarely away from her mother's side.

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<NOTES: Mrs Maria Jane SALTER passed away in 1960 age 101 years

A Maria Jane DISNEY, aged 21 years old, married a Robert SALTER on the 03 Feb 1881 at Wiveliscombe, father John DISNEY>