Somerset County Herald 28 Feb 1959 Taunton Take Me Home Walter William FOURACRE of 89 Outer Circle

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 28 Feb 1959

Page 6 Column 7


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Walter William FOURACRE, labourer, of 89, Outer Circle, was fined 10s on Wednesday for being drunk in Hamilton-road. P.C. PAYNE, who was on road motor patrol, said FOURACRE was staggering along the road. He was carrying an accordion and dropped it more than once. FOURACRE fell against the police car and kept saying. “Take me home to my wife.” When charged later he said, “I apologise.”

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<NOTES: Walter William FOURACRE son of Albert or Bertie FOURACRE and Emma PETHERICK, married Dorothy J. DAVIES>