Somerset County Herald 31 Oct 1959 Late Mr Fred BOND Funeral Service at Barrington inc Mr and Mrs Leslie BOND and Mr and Mrs Cyril THORNE

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 31 Oct 1959

Page 11 Column 2

Late Mr. Fred BOND

Funeral Service at Barrington

The funeral took place at St. Mary's Church, Barrington, on Saturday of a well-known and respected Barrington resident, Mr. Fred BOND.

Mr. BOND, who died suddenly in Taunton and Somerset Hospital, was born in Barrington 63 years ago and had lived there all his life. He served in the 18th London Regiment in World War I, in which he was wounded, and discharged from the Army in January, 1919.

A member of the British Legion and Barrington Football Club, Mr. BOND was active in all sections of the village life and served on the Village Hall Committee.

Funeral Service

Many mourners attended the funeral service, which was conducted by the Rev. A. T. STEPHENS, Shepton Beauchamp. Organist was Miss M. EDWARDS. Family mourners were Mrs. F. BOND (wife), Mr. and Mrs. Leslie BOND (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Cyril THORNE (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BOND (brother and sister-in-law). Mr. Alfred BOND (brother), Mr. Wilfred BOND, Mr. and Mrs. W. SAINT, Mr. and Mrs. J. BOND, Mr. Clifford REYLAND (nephews and nieces), Mr. and Mrs. C. CLARKE (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr. <sic> D. GLOVER (sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. F. GUMMER, Mr. and Mrs. W. WINTER, Mr. and Mrs. R. CLARKE, Mr. and Mrs. F. DRAYTON, Miss L. DRAYTON (nephews and nieces), Mr. and Mrs. C. BOND, Mr. and Mrs. L. BEACHAM, Mr. and Mrs. B. BURROWS, Mr. and Mrs. T. WHITE, Mrs. W. STUCKEY, Mr. and Mrs. H. BRISTER, Mr. and Mrs. A. ROWSWELL (cousins).

Unable to be present were Mrs. G. REYLAND (sister), Mrs. Alfred BOND (sister-in-law), Mrs. W. BOND, Mr. PIGEON and daughter

Also in the congregation were many friends and workmates, including Mr. D. B. DURIE (representing Mrs. R. G. SPILLER), Messrs. L. HOWARD, G. PEACH and S. CORNELIUS (R. G. Spiller, Ltd., Chard), Capt. R. W. BEACHAM and Messrs. BOWDREY and BURTON (British Legion), Messrs. E. WOODLAND, F. SHOWERS and G. MORRIS (Village Hall Committee), and Mr. H. DABINETT (representing C. E. HAWKINS, Shepton Beauchamp).

The Flowers

Floral tributes included a family cross fro the wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and son-in-law; and wreaths from: Leonard and Susan; Lil and Arthur; Olive and Alf; Doris and Wilf; Dorrie and Bill; Madge and Jim; Ede; Clifford; May and Cyril; Doll; Glad and Fred; Marie and Bill; Agnes and Roy; Edna and Fred; Linda; May and Charlie; Les and Sheila; Geraldine and Brian; Pam and Terry; Daisy; Hilda and Harold; Amy and Arthur; Ada, Chris and Fred; Doll and Frank; Kevin and Lynne; Uncle Bert and Stella; Kath, Edna, Peggy and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. CORNELIUS and family; Baby Clive; Maureen, Daphne and Patrick.

Alice, Arthur and family; Mike and Jeff PEARCE; Mr. and Mrs. ENGLAND and Ron; Hughie and Kate; Joan and Roy; Grace and Christine; Mr. and Mrs. Evan NEWBERRY and children; Kitch; Stan, Let and Ron; All at the Royal Oak; Mr. and Mrs. MACEY and Les; S. DINHAM and family; Christine; Mr. and Mrs. COOK, Sylvia and Ray; Nellie, Arthur, Ann and Pat; David and Burnice; Mr. B. WHITE; Jo, Gert. Bessie and George; Tillie and Albert; Mr. and Mrs. J. BEACHAM; Bakers Farm; Ida and Arthur; Harold, Ruby and Tim; Eric and Beatrice; Mr. and Mrs. F. SHOWERS; Ken and Sybil; Mrs. HUXFORD; Edna, Don and Robert; S ENGLAND, Winterhay; Mr. and Mrs. MARSHALSEA, Ilminster; Workmates of R. G. SPILLER; Directors and staff of R. G. Spiller; Barrington Football Club; Village Hall Committee; British Legion.

The family wish to express their appreciation of the messages of sympathy and floral tributes received. They would also like to thank the staff of Conservatore Ward at East Reach Hospital.

Funeral arrangements were by Mr. A. DEAN, Puckington.

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<NOTES: Frederick BOND son of Henry BOND and Eliza Harriett or Jane Harriett ELLIOT-DADE, married Kathleen Blanche SCOTT>