Somerset County Herald 10 Sep 1960 25 Years in Electricity Industry Wellington and Bridgwater Maurice E. GRINTER Geoffrey J. SAFFIN of Wiveliscombe Reginald W. J. THOMAS

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 10 Sep 1960

Page 6 Column 7

25 Years in Electricity Industry

Taunton Presentations

Three employees of the South Western Electricity Board received awards for long service in the electricity supply industry on Tuesday at the Board's offices at The Parade, Taunton.

Mr. G. R. C. RIDGE, Manager of the Taunton District, made the presentations and said that the recipients, who had each served for 25 years, had made a considerable contribution to the public service given by electricity supply.

Two are working in the Wellington area – Mr. Maurice E. GRINTER, 27, Tone Hill, Tonedale, and Mr. Geoffrey J. SAFFIN, of Wiveliscombe.

They both commenced as junior wiremen with the Wellington Electric Supply Company in 1935, and subsequently as electricians, and both served in the forces during the war, Mr. GRINTER with the Royal Engineers and R.E.M.E., and Mr. SAFFIN in the R.A.F. Mr. SAFFIN was originally at the Wiveliscombe branch of the Wellington Supply Company and Mr. GRINTER gained electrical experience with a contracting firm, Messrs. Spence Bros., at Honiton, before joining the Wellington Company.

Bridgwater Engineer

The other recipient, Mr. Reginald W. J. THOMAS, a native of Burnham-on-Sea, was an apprentice electrician with the Burnham Central Electric Supply Co., Ltd., from 1931 and when he qualified as an electrician, joined the Bridgwater Electric Supply Co. in 1935. He served in the R.A.F., becoming a sergeant instructor and when he rejoined the Bridgwater Electric Supply Co. in 1945 was appointed shift engineer. In 1952 he transferred to the Electricity Board office and showrooms at Bridgwater and was for some years in charge of the Service Centre. In April, 1959, he was promoted to his present post as assistant district commercial engineer at Taunton. Mr. THOMAS is expecting to move to Taunton shortly.

Mr. RIDGE presented certificates and testimonial gifts of their own choice as follows: Mr. GRINTER, electric soil heater, steam iron and electric blanket; Mr. SAFFIN, electric blanket, pressure cooker, and wrist watch; Mr. THOMAS, tea set and folding bed.

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<NOTES: Geoffrey John SAFFIN son of Francis Henry SAFFIN and Nellie Elizabeth OATEN, married Grace Myrtle Ruth SWEETLAND>