Somerset County Herald 14 Jan 1961 Late Mrs Hubert PRIDDLE Funeral Service at High Ham Death of Mrs Mary Ellen PRIDDLE at Burrow Lane Farm High Ham

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 14 Jan 1961

Page 9 Column 6

Late Mrs. Hubert PRIDDLE

Funeral Service at High Ham

The death of Mrs. Mary Ellen PRIDDLE occurred at her home at Burrow Lane Farm, High Ham, aged 58. The wife of Mr. Hubert PRIDDLE, she was a native of Goostrey, Cheshire. Mrs. PRIDDLE was well known and held in high esteem in High Ham, where she had resided with her husband for over 20 years.

Mrs. PRIDDLE had always taken an interest in local activities and was a member of the Women's Institute and Mothers' Union. She was a regular worshipper at St. Andrew's Church.

The funeral took place on Monday, the service at the Parish Church, conducted by the Rev. E. N. DOWNING, being attended by a large number of friends. Organist was Mrs. GUMMER. Interment followed at the cemetery.

Family Mourners

Family mourners were Mr. H. PRIDDLE (husband), Mr. and Mrs. T. R. PRIDDLE (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. Allen HOCKNELL (brother), Mr. and Mrs. A. WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. E. PRIDDLE, Mr. E. PRIDDLE, Mr. P. PRIDDLE, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. PRIDDLE, Mrs. L. PRIDDLE (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law), Mr. G. KETTLE, Mr. and Mrs. C. WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. L. PRIDDLE, Mrs. A. LEGGE, Mrs. D. PIMM, Mr. and Mrs. S. GRAY, Mrs. R. WILKINS, Mr. D. HURD (nephews and nieces), Miss L. ROBINS (cousin, also representing Mrs. PITMAN), Mrs. C. FISHER, Mrs. G. PERRY, Miss S. HURD, Mr. Wm. HURD, Mrs. R. WEECH (friends).

Others at the church included the Misses L. and E. SHERRIN, Mrs. R. C. DAVIS (also representing Mothers' Union), Mrs. Harold VIGAR (also representing Women's Institute), Mrs. A. G. SHERRIN (also representing Mr. SHERRIN), Mrs. Henry VIGAR, Mrs. F. CAKE, Mrs. J. GROVES, Mrs. D. DAVIS, Mrs. J. HARTLEY (also representing Mrs. and Miss BURCHAM), Mrs. R. MEAKER, Mr. and Mrs. H. TAPSCOTT, Mrs. DOWNING, Mrs. E. ORAM, Mr. E. GOULD, Mrs. MOTT, Hon. Mrs. BERKLEY, Mrs. W. COOMBES, Mr. and Mrs. D. COOMBES, Mrs. J. VIGAR, Mr. W. J. LOCKYER, Mr. and Mrs. Ted LOCKYER, Mrs. P. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Vigar WEBB, Mrs. W. BROWN, Mr. H. COOK, Mrs. A. FORD, Mrs. H. P. HUNT (also representing Mr. HUNT), Mrs. M. GOULD, Mrs. H. SHERRIN, Mrs. A. CULLEN, Mrs. HOUNSELL, Mrs. W. FORD, Mrs. LLOYD, Miss PEAKE, Mrs. WHEADON, Mrs. UPHAM, Mrs. J. CULLEN, Miss M. BARNARD, Mr. E. J. WILKINS (also representing Mrs. WILKINS), Mr. John ORAM, Mrs. M. VIGAR, Mrs. M. BARTLETT, Mrs. M. PARKER, Mrs. W. SMALL, Mrs. SHEPHERD, Mrs. L. SHORE, Mrs. J. PEPPARD.

Floral Tributes

Flowers were received as follows: To my darling wife from her loving husband Hubert; Edith, Tom, Dennis, Joyce and Albert; Allen and Rose; Lizzie, Arthur and Joan; Hilda and Norman; Will and Nellie, Charlotte and Keith; Annie and Robert; Percy and Edward; Austin and Mary; Gladys and Ernest; Mrs. C. FISHER; Charlie, Edna and Valerie; Pam, Sheila and Joy; Nancy, Reg and Susan; Donald and Margaret; George, Margaret and Robert; Hilda, Jim and family; Aubrey, Jane and Audrey; Lily, Gordon and Pat; Leonard and Margaret; Violet, Archie, Ivy; Ted GOULD; Mr. and Mrs. John HARTLEY; Charlie, Anne and family (New Garwell); Ida A. TAPSCOTT and family; Old Manor Farm, Low Ham; Mr. and Mrs. A. CULLEN.

Members of the High Ham W.I.; Mr. and Mrs. W. COOMBES and family; All at Charity Farm; The LOCKYER family, Bere; Hon. Mrs. BERKLEY; Reg, Clara and family; Reg and Margaret PITMAN; Mrs. PITMAN, Lil and Susan; The Misses L. and E. SHERRIN, The Lodge; Mr. and Mrs. A. G. SHERRIN and family; Members of the High Ham M.U.; Mr. and Mrs. HUNT and family; Mrs. E. A. TAYLOR and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. DAVIS and family; Gwen, Fred and Jim, Bristol; Mr. and Mrs. E. T. DUDDRIDGE; Kate and family; Mr. and Mrs. E. J. WILKINS; Mrs. and Miss BURCHAM; Miss S. HURD; Mr. W. HURD.

Mr. PRIDDLE wishes to thank all friends and neighbours for kindness shown in his bereavement, and for the letters of sympathy and beautiful flowers.

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