Somerset County Herald 14 Jan 1961 Taunton Retired Admiralty Worker Mr Thomas Martin HOLLIDAY of 15 Magdalene Street Taunton includes FOURACRE Step Children

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 14 Jan 1961

Page 6 Column 8


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Mr. Thomas Martin HOLLIDAY, of 15, Magdalene Street, Taunton, who died in Trinity Hospital on 5th January, was born in London 73 years ago and come to Taunton during the war. He was employed by the Admiralty in London, and was transferred to Taunton after being bombed out. He retired ten years ago.

The funeral service in St. James's Church and the burial at St. Mary's Cemetery on Monday was conducted by the Rev. W. G. STENT.

Mourners were: Mrs. E. HOLLIDAY (wife), Mr. and Mrs. J. SERLE (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. and Mrs. F. CRIDLAND, Mr. and Mrs. B. HEADFORD, Mr. and Mrs. B. FOURACRE, Mr. and Mrs. W. FOURACRE, Mr. and Mrs. E. FOURACRE (step-children).

Friends present included representatives from the Admiralty.

Funeral arrangements were by Mr. Leonard E. SMITH, of Haydon Road.

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