Somerset County Herald 09 Feb 1963 Wellington Brothers-in-Law as Bearers Mr Eli John FOURACRE of 16 Greenway Road Rockwell Green

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 09 Feb 1963

Page 6 Column 9


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The funeral took place on Monday of Mr. Eli John FOURACRE, of 16, Greenway Road, Rockwell Green. Before he retired at the age of 65 Mr. FOURACRE worked for British Railways for 15 years. He was 71.

The service was conducted by the Rev. L. J. LANE (Baptist minister). Family mourners were:- Mr. G. FOURACRE (son), Mr. and Mrs. T. LOWMAN, Mrs. S. CORNISH, Mr. W. MIDDLETON (sons-in-law and daughters), Mrs. A. BINDING and Miss M. LOWMAN (granddaughters), Mrs. D. THORNE (sister-in-law).

The bearers were: Messrs. G. HOLWAY, L. ALWAY, W. ALWAY and F. THORNE (brothers-in-law).

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