Taunton Courier 15 Oct 1812 To Be Let by Tender Estate in Ilton Estate in Fivehead

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The Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Thursday 15 Oct 1812

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For a Term of Seven Years from Candlemas next

AN ELIGIBLE ESTATE, in the Parish of ILTON, now occupied by Mr. Isaac BOND, as Tenant to W. C. BROWN, Efq.

The Premifes confift of a good Farm Houfe, at Ilford, with convenient Offices, excellent Orchards, and feveral Clofes of rich Land, (a confiderable proportion whereof is watered Meadow,) and contain in the whole, by eftimation, Sixty-three Acres and a Half, or thereabout.

The Taker is to pay all Outgoings, (except the Landlord's Property Tax,) and to keep the Premifes in Repair, being found rough Timber, if fuficient on the Premifes.

Other particulars may be known by applying to Mr. BAKER, Attorney at Law, Ilminfter, to whom Tenders are to be delivered on or before the Firft Day of December next- The Perfon approved of will have Notice without delay.


For Six Years from Lady Day next,

A DESIRABLE ESTATE, situated in the Parish of FIVEHEAD, in the County of Somerfet, confifting of a good Farm Houfe, convenient Barns, Bartons, Stalls, Stables, &c. (attached and detached,) Cottages for Labourers, and about One Hundred and Eleven Acres of Orchard, Arable, Meadow, and Pafture Lands, in a high ftate of culivation, together with about Nine Acres of Coppice Wood, and the right of depafturing over Weft Sedgmoor, the Foreft of Neroach, and all commonable Lands in the faid Parifh of Fivehead.

The above Premifes are diftant from Taunton eight miles, from Langport five, from Somerton about nine, from Ilminfter five, and from Chard ten, all Market Towns, and lying on each fide of the great Wesftern Road leading from Taunton through Langport and Somerton to London.

The whole of the Meadow and Pafture Lands are well fupplied with Water for Cattle. - There is alfo a Lime Kiln on the Premifes; and abundant Quarries of excellent Lime, Walling, and Paving Stone.

The Tenant to pay all Outgoings of every defcription, except the Landlord's Property tax.

Mr W. NORMAN, the Proprietor, will shew the Primifes, and receive fealed tenders, (that are free of poftage;) at Fivehead, near Langport, until the 25th day of November next; and the perfon whofe offer is accepted, will receive notice thereof within one week from that day.

N.B. The Tenant can be accommodated for the laft four years of his term, with upwards of Twenty Acres more of exceedingly rich Grazing Ground.

Fivehead, Oct 13, 1812.

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