Taunton Courier 01 Sep 1814 Proposal for Act of Parliament includes Isle Abbotts Fivehead Swell Curry Mallett Curry Rivell Beercrocombe Ilton Isle Brewers

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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Thursday 01 Sep 1814

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NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons whom it may concern, That at the next Seffion of Parliament, a Petition will be prefented to the Honourable Houfs of Commons, for leave to bring in a Bill, in order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing, allotting, inclofing, and otherwife improving, the Common Meadow, called ISLE MOOR, and other open and common Fields, common Meadows, and commonable Lands and wafte Grounds in the feveral parifhes of Ifle Abbotts, Fivehead, Swell, Curry Mallett, Curry Rivell, Beecrocombe, Afhill, Ilton, Whitelackington, and Ifle Brewers, in the county of Somerfet – Dated the twenty-feventh day of Auguft, one thoufand, eight hundred and fourteen.

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