Taunton Couier 15 Oct 1834 Two Drownings in the River Parrett ALLEN near Muchelney Ford and Jacob ENGLAND of Shepton Beauchamp

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Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser Wednesday 15 Oct 1834

Page 7 Column 1

Two persons have within a few days been accidentally drowned in the River Parrett. A little boy named ALLEN having gone with some other boys to bathe in the river, near Muchelney Ford, he got out of his depth, and it was near three quarters of an hour before he was found; he was then a corpse. And, about a mile above Borough Bridge, at which place a man named Jacob ENGLAND, of Shepton Beauchamp – had purchased a chaise-wheel which he had driven on before him with the intention of having it conveyed to Langport by one of the boats, but the tide running very strong, he could not get it on board, and about nine o'clock on Monday evening he was seen near a house called the King William, driving the wheel in the manner before stated. On the following morning, the wheel was found placed against the house above mentioned, but it was not until Thursday last it was supposed he was drowned, when, after searching a short time, the body was found, without any marks of violence, and from the appearance of the marks on the shore it was evident the poor man had accidentally got off the road. The Jury, as in the other case, returned a verdict accordingly, viz., Accidentally Drowned.

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