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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser for Somerset, Wilts, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall Wednesday 29 Nov 1854

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Wednesday, November 29, 1854.

The beneficent and patriotic character of our town, will be found, from the list of subscriptions in aid of the families of our brave warriors in the East, to have been most honourably sustained. A spontaneously generous sentiment of national solicitude?, could alone have so promptly and munifiently? realised the handsome aggregate of the subscription. The result is extremely creditable to the town, and impresses the record of its loyalty and patriotism with an added grace to its historic fame, in the annals of the kingdom.

LAMENTABLE ACCIDENT. - On Saturday night last, about 12 o'clock, Mr. William COGAN, of Staplegrove. TANNER, having mounted his horse on leaving Clarke's Hotel, the animal took a wrong direction, and suddenly turned back, and running across the road threw off its rider, who was immediately taken up lifeless. A jury on Monday pronounced a Verdict of “Accidental Death.” The deceased was 47, and much beloved and respected.

On Wednesday, the 13th December, a Subscription Silver Cup is to be run for by Greyhounds of all ages, at Cothelstone.

Mr. T. F. CHORLEY, son of the respected actuary of our Savings Bank, and lately articled to Messrs. TRENCHARD, of this town, passed the Articled Clerks' examination at the Incorporated Law Society's Hall last week.

On Monday week, the house of Mr John ELLETT, was broken into, at Ball Coombe, North Petherton, in the day time, while he and his family were attending the funeral of a relative in an adjoining parish. The thieves carried off five cheeses, and two or three bottles of elder-wine.

Two youths named PAINE, were caught in the preserves of Miss WARRE, of Hestercombe, on Sunday morning last.

A handsome sum was gathered for the Patriotic Fund, at Bawdrip. Eight farmers of that parish gave a £1 each.

A subscription list for the widows and orphans of Soldiers and Sailors, was last week carried from house to house, at Creech Saint Michael, by Mr. John GODFREY, of Adsborough, and about £12 collected.

At North Petherton, a sermon was preached by the Rev. A. TRUMAN, in aid of the Patriotic Fund, and the sum of £20 collected by his powerful appeal.

STOKE-SUB-HAMDON. - On Thursday evening last, this village was alarmed by the discovery of a mow of barley, and another of straw being in flames, which for some time defied any effort to extinguish them until the arrival of an engine from Martock checked the fire and saved a small portion of the barley. The mows belonged to Mr. GALE of this parish, and it was hoped that the fire was accidental, but shortly afterwards it was discovered that at the same time a cow and donkey had been fatally maimed (hamstrung), and it was found necessary to destroy them. Amongst the numerous crowd collected, there was so much sympathy for Mr. GALE who is greatly respected, and such horror of the diabolical deed, that a subscription was then and there set on foot, and liberally contributed to by all classes to re-imburse him in part for his loss, and also, another sum of 50l. subscribed to offer as a reward to any one who may give evidence to convict the villainous perpetrator, which it is hoped will be accomplished.

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