The Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser 18 Jun 1856 Magisterial Proceedings includes Thomas TABRET at Kingston

The Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser 18 Jun 1856

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Before R. M. KING, J. R. ALLEN, F. W. NEWTON, W. BLAKE, H. BADCOCK, and R. L. LOPES, Esquires, and Rev. W. G. ALLEN.

A juvenile offender named GOODMAN, remanded on Saturday, on a charge of stealing two eggs, the property of Mr. TAYLOR, East Reach, was sentenced to seven days' imprisonment and a whipping.

William NOWELL was charged with a cowardly assault on an inoffensive man named Jonas RODBARD. On Thursday, 29th ult., during the “peace rejoicing,” the complainant and his master's son (Mr. Thomas TRUDELL) were letting off fire-balls in North Street, when the defendant attempted to take a fire-ball from RODBARD, and, with no other provocation than failure in that attempt, defendant kicked him off his legs. Subsequently, as complainant was quietly walking down the street, NOWELL took off a large buckle-strap and dealt him a violent blow which cut his head open, and rendered him for some time insensible. RODBARD was carried home, where he had a violent fit, and it took several persons to restrain him while in that state. Mr. CORNISH afterwards attended and dressed his wounds. The brutal nature of the attack was fully proved by the evidence of Mr. TRUDELL, jun. and the police. The Magistrates fined defendant 20s. or 20 days' imprisonment.


Before J. R. ALLEN, C. J. HELYAR, F. W. NEWTON, and R. L. LOPES, Esquires, and the Rev. W. G. ALLEN.

Thomas TABRET was charged with assaulting Robert BODGER. Mr. ROSSITER was for the latter, and Mr. F. TRENCHARD appeared for the defendant. The case excited much merriment in court, owing to the humorous way in which the injured BODGER stuck up for the liberty of the subject in the person of his donkey, and whose freedom from “insult” he was anxious to guarantee by a public example of TABRET, and others. He threw his arms about in a wild and excited manner over the heads of the Reporters, while giving his evidence (which rendered their position for the time being by no means a pleasant one) for the purpose of convincing the Bench of the violence of the assault upon him. Stripped of all irrelevant matter, the case was this. - On Monday evening between 9 and 10 o'clock, BODGER was near the Swan Inn, like “the man with the lilly-white sand,” in company with his donkey; some mischievous began to tease the donkey by tickling it, and “making work” with its ears, when complainant struck a son of the defendant a blow which knocked him down. TABRET then came out of the public house and knocked him down. It was proved that complainant was intoxicated, and the Bench dismissed the case.

George CHIDGEY was charged with a similar assault on BODGER, but this too, was dismissed. The magistrates, on inquiry, found that there had been a bowling party at the Swan Inn, Kingston, when these brawls took place, and that about 20 of the persons were very dunk; and they directed their clerk to not this on the list, and told the constable to inform the landlord that if any further cause of complaint arose the magistrates would in future withhold the license.

Robert KEEN was summoned for sureties of the peace at the instance of Mary Ann RIGGS. As no threats had been made use of the defendant was discharged with a caution.


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