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Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 02 May 1860

Page 4 Column 3


The monthly petty sessions for this division was held at the Constabulary Hall on Wednesday last, before the Rev. Prebendary COLES, F. B. UTTERMARE, Esq., and W. B. SPEKE, Esq. - James JEANS was fined 5s for being drunk and incapable of taking care of his horses and waggons whilst travelling on the turnpike road. - John BLAGG for leaving his horse and cart on the highway without a person in charge of them, was fined 20s, or in default fourteen days' hard labour. - John KEECH and William ENGLAND were summoned for trespassing on land in pursuit of game. Mr. LANGWORTHY appeared for defendants. Simeon BASTIN proved seeing defendant on land at Shepton, in the occupation of Mr. JENNINGS. This witness swore that he could distinguish defendants at a distance of 550 yards. At this distance he saw the defendants with another man, but he could not distinguish the other man. Several other witnesses were called on the part of defendants. Their evidence went to prove that defendants had not a dog with them on the day when it was alleged the “coursing” took place. - The Rev. Prebendary COLES said that he met defendants with a dog, but he could not swear that it was the dog which was kept by KEECH. - The Bench thought the case fully proved, and convicted defendants. In default of payment of the fine fourteen days' imprisonment. Defendants were afterwards consigned to “durance vile.” - Charles BEWSEY was summoned for keeping open his inn during prohibited hours. P. C. COLE proved the offence. Defendant was fined 27s 6d. - John GRINTER for riding without reins was fined 11s? 6d. The offence was proved by P. C. COLE. - Elizabeth PARKER was ordered to pay the Surveyor of the Fivehead Highways 14s 1d highway rate. - “Winford WILLY” was summoned for assaulting and beating Alfred SPARKS. Three or four witnesses were called on behalf of defendant. They found that SPARKS was frequently challenging the villages to fight, and that defendant being annoyed at this resented it. The result was a fight, in which, as one of the witnesses said, both seemed pretty comfortable. (A laugh.) The acting sergeant of police said that he had heard of defendant challenging the villagers. The case was dismissed. - James WITHERALL for wilfully exposing his person to two young women, named BENNETT and OLD, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labour. He did not appear in answer to the summons. - William DABINETT was summoned by Mary MONKTON, to show cause why he should not contribute, &c., &c. Mr. LANGWORTHY appeared for DABINETT, who was ordered to pay 1s 6d a week. - George MOULTAN(?) who was summoned by Mr. Superintendent EVERITT, for three defective weights, was fined 15s. - George HARRIS for a similar offence, was fined 12s 6d.

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