Taunton Courier 10 Apr 1867 Milverton Fivehead

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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 10 Apr 1867
Page 6 Column 3


FIRE. - On Sunday evening one of Mr Richard FOURACRE's chimneys caught fire, and burnt or fiercely for a long time that it was feared the flames would spread, which, however, by the absence of inflammable matter in the vicinity, was prevented, though high winds prevailed. At one time, the flames were quite eight feet above the chimney.


ACCIDENT. - On Saturday as Mr John SALWAY, yeoman, of this place was returning from Taunton, he was thrown out of his cart near the railway bridge at Henlade, and one of his thighs was broken. Mr SALWAY was riding alone, and we are informed that he cannot in any way account for the accident, as there was no jolting, sudden stoppage, or anything of the sort. The bone was set by Mr PLOWMAN, of North Curry, and the sufferer is progressing favourably.

ACCIDENT. - An accident recently happened at Fivehead by which a valuable horse belonging to Mr HOLMES, of Bridgwater, was drowned. Mr. HOLMES, in the course of his rounds, called at the house of Mr. William STUCKEY, leaving his horse and chaise in charge of a man belonging to the neighbourhood. The man, however, left his charge, and the horse started towards Isle Brewers, and, the recent snow and rain having produced an extensive inundation in this locality, rendering the roads unsafe, the horse got into the water and ultimately into the bed of the stream where it was drowned. Every possible search was made for horse and vehicle, Acting-sergeant YELLEN rendering all the assistance in his power, but it was not discovered until six o'clock the next morning, when it was fished out of the river, and the chaise, which was uninjured, was taken back to Fivehead. The horse and chaise must have passed under a bridge, where the room would have barely sufficed for the passage if the river had not been swollen, before reaching the place where they were discovered. Several articles that were left in the chaise were picked up in different directions.

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