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Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 12 Apr 1876

Page 5 Column 3

Taunton News.

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OVERSEERS' LIST. - The assistant-overseers for the several parishes with the petty sessional division of Taunton presented a list of the persons nominated to serve the office of overseer for these parishes. The justices sanctioned the election of the following:- Angersleigh – Robert MARKE; Bickenhall – S. D. F. A. COZENS; Bishop's Hull – F. TROTT and James HEWETT; Cheddon Fitzpaine – S. PLEASS and Richard BRICE; Corfe – George OATEN and Thomas STONE; Creech St. Michael – John HUNT and George DAY; Curland – James GREADY and Uriah DICKS; Hillfarrance – J. HOOPER and William BAKER; Kingston – A. BIFFEN and G. WHITTLE; Norton Fitzwarren – F. MORDLE and J. BURCH; Oake – C. COLTHURST and J. REDWOOD; Orchard Portman – Thomas BOND; Otterford – J. WYATT and S. CLARKE; Pitminster – William TAVENDER, Isaac BICKNELL and William C. SKINNER; Ruishton – Richard MARSHALL, jun., and Simeon SLADE; Staple Fitzpaine – Richard KIDNER and Daniel BALE; Staplegrove – Henry Sanford AUTTON and John LANE; Stoke St. Mary – David SELLICK and Lionel PATTON; Taunton St. Mary Magdalene – Francis CHAPMAN, J. CULVERWELL, J. H. INGRAM and John DAVEY; St.James's – D. SMITH, Alan CAMERON, H. J. SPILLER and W. WARREN; Trull – W. E. BRADDICK and Matthew RIDLER; West Monkton – John C. PREW and Henry PRING; Wilton – George INGRAM and Walter MAYNARD; North Curry – James Burge HELLARD, John Keates SOUTHWOOD; Stoke St. Gregory – Thomas HEMBROW, James BARRINGTON, William HOWSE and J. R. GODFREY; Thorne Falcon – D. SYMES and John CHAMBERS; Thurlbeer – J. JEFFREY and John SPILLER; West Hatch – Matthew CRIDGE and Richard Vine HENFORD.

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