Taunton Courier 31 Jan 1877 Langport includes Mrs Maria DAVIS Reached her 100th year

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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 31 Jan 1877

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Mrs Maria DAVIS, of this town, is said to have reached her 100th year on Saturday. She has been a widow for many years, and though latterly somewhat feeble, yet is able to walk about and converse with her friends. Her memory is still unimpaired. Numerous relatives and fiends visited her on Saturday, and the bells of two churches were rung in honour of her having attained her century.

RELIEF COMMITTEE. - On Thursday morning a meeting of the committee was held at the Town-hall. The chair was taken by Mr J. D. BLAKE, portreeve. It was decided that Langport and Huish should be united into one district, for the relief of those who had suffered owing to the late inundations. It was computed that in two parishes there were 100 sufferers. The distress had been made known to the Mansion House Relief Committee, and it was hoped that funds would be sent down. It was also suggested that Langport should form a centre of the low lying districts, comprising the parishes of High Ham, Muchelney, Aller and Curry Rivel, and that a sub-committee be formed in those parishes, consisting of a clergyman and the guardians, so that the distressed in those places might, if funds were forthcoming, be relieved.

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<NOTES: Maria DAVIS died 4th Qtr 1878 age 101 years Langport Somerset>