Taunton Courier 13 Aug 1890 Somerton Petty Sessions Charge of Riot at Street includes Samuel STUCKEY Mason of Street

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The Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 13 Aug 1890

Page 5 Column 4

Somerton Petty Sessions.


Before Mr Vincent STUCKEY and Capt PINNEY.


Elisha WYCH, labourer, George VOWLES, labourer, Frank TALBOT, shoemaker, Wm. TALBOT, shoemaker, Herbert TUXWELL, labourer, Henry HOWE, Samuel SELLICK, mason, and Joseph LANE, labourer, all of the parish of Street, were jointly charged with committing a riot at Street, on the night of the 18th July. HOWE and LANE did not appear, and it was stated that they had enlisted in her Majesty's service. - Mr REED appeared to prosecute. Mr CLIFTON defended. - Mr. REED, in opening the case, said the riot originated through alleged immoral misconduct by a Mr HAYES, a draper and leading Salvationist of Street, and damage to the amount of over £17 was done to his premises. Evidence was given by Superintendent GILES, Sergeant HALL and P.C's MARTIN, PADFIELD, HOOK, and JAMES, who detailed the riotous behaviour of defendants, by yelling, beating up old tins and other articles, and throwing stones at and breaking HAYES' windows, and assaulting and striking the police; they estimated the serging crowd at one time in the evening to be 2,000 persons. - Mr CLARK, the resident magistrate, was sent for by Superintendent GILES to read the Riot Act, but before he came, about eleven o'clock, most of the crowd had dispersed. - Other evidence having been given, defendants were committed for trail at the next quarter sessions and admitted to bail.


George TINNEY, a stone cutter, of Street, was charged with assaulting Sergt Walsingham HALL in the execution of his duty on the 17th July. - Mr REED prosecuted, and Mr CLIFTON defended. - Sergeant HALL said on the evening named, about nine o'clock, he was on duty in High-street, Street, near Mr HAYES's shop. There was a rough band there, consisting of about fifty performers. Witness went to take away a tin tub or bath from Elisha WYCH, and as he had hold of the club with which WYCH was beating the tin defendant turned round and struck witness between his two shoulders with the handle end of an umbrella. Witness looked round, and said, “TINNEY, what are you about?” He replied “Beat up, chaps.” In the presence and hearing of TINNEY Supt GILES, who was present, said, “Take this chap's named; he seems to have a great deal to say,” and witness said he should report him for assaulting him. - Mr CLIFTON called Frank SHERRY, William GODFREY, and Harry HINNEY, each of whom swore they were with defendant the whole of the evening, and he did not strike the sergeant. They knew who struck him, but would not say who it was. - The Chairman said the sergeant might have been mistaken, and they would give defendant the benefit of the doubt, and dismiss the summons.


Frederick COURT and Elisha LEADER were summoned for obstructing the highway at Street, on the 16th July. - Supt GILES withdrew the case.


William BARNFIELD, New Inn, Somerton, was granted an extra hour on the 20th August (flower show), and Mr PRAGNELL, Sherborne, an occasional licence to sell in the park at Somerton Erleigh that day.

Mr. H. T. SILCOX of the Greyhound, Baltonsborough, was granted an extra hour on the 13th August, Baltonsborough flower show meeting.


The license of the late Mr KULHMAN's beerhouse, Langport, was temporarily transferred to his widow and executrix, Mrs Anna Maria KUHLMAN.


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