Taunton Courier 22 Oct 1890 Somerset Michaelmas Sessions Skimmerton Rioting at Street includes Samuel SELLICK

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser 22 Oct 1890

Page 6 Column 6



(Before Sir Richard PAGET, M.P., chairman; and Mr E H CLERK.)

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Elisha WYCH, Geo. VOWLES, Frank TALBOT, Wm. TALBOT, Herbert TUXWELL, Samuel SELLICK, Henry HOUSE, and Jos. LANE surrendered to their bail, indicted for unlawfully and riotously assembling at Street on the 18th July last. Mr METCALFE and Mr Worthington HALL (instructed by Messrs READ and COOK, of Bridgwater) prosecuted. The two TALBOTS, VOWLES, TUXWELL, and SELLICK were defended by Mr. HAMILTON. Mr METCALFE, in opening the case for the prosecution, explained the law relating to riot, and then proceeded with the details of the case, from which it appeared that the conduct of Mr G P HAYES, draper, living in High-street, Street, aroused the ire of the inhabitants, who alleged immoral conduct against him. The villagers assembled in front of his shop on three successive nights, and serenaded him with “rough music” on tin vessels and other unmusical instruments. On the third night about 1,500 people assembled in front of Mr HAYES's shop, and marched up and down the street beating tin vessels, &c. Subsequently the police formed a line in front of the shop, and this seems to have further exasperated the mob, for they commenced to throw sticks and stones, and other ugly weapons. Several constables were struck by the missiles. Five panes of a plate-glass window were smashed, and also two panes of an upper window. The disorder seems to have reached its height about 11 o'clock, and the police, fearing further violence, sent for the resident magistrate, Mr W S CLARK, who came prepared to read the Riot Act, but the crowd quickly dispersed on Mr CLARK's arrival. The damage done to Mr HAYES's shop was estimated at £19. The present proceedings were taken by the police. Elisha WYCH was identified as having carried an effigy personating an officer of the Salvation Army, to which HAYES was treasurer of the local branch. The effigy was afterwards burnt by the mob in the middle of the street. These facts were borne out by Supt. GILES, P.S. HALL, P.C's MARTIN, PADFIELD, HOOK and JAMES, George P HAYES, draper, George STAPLETON, stationer and newsagent, and William MARSHMAN, shoemaker. George ALVES, borough surveyor for Glastonbury, said he had examined HAYES's shop, and estimated the damage at £17 7s 6d, chiefly for plate-glass. The jury returned a verdict of guilty of riot and damage to the shop; but did not consider prisoners guilty of assaulting the police, and, considering the whole of the circumstances recommended them to mercy. Mr HAMILTON raised a technical objection to the finding of the jury, which he contended was a verdict of not guilty. The court held differently, and said it was a verdict of guilty on the second count. The chairman then sentenced Elisha WYCH, George VOWLES and William TALBOT each to one month's imprisonment with hard labour; and Frank TALBOT, Henry HOUSE, Samuel SELLICK, Joseph LANE, and Herbert TUXWELL were each sentenced to a fortnight's imprisonment with hard labour.

The court rose at 6 o'clock.

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