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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 10 Jun 1891

Page 6 Column 3



Before his Honour Judge PATERSON.

JOSEPH RICHARDS, baker, Martock v. GEORGE COX. - Claim £7 12s 4d for bread. Defendant did not appear, and an order of 2s a month was made.

JANE KNIGHT v. ALFRED DUCK, Kingsbury. - £4 8s 9d was claimed. Defendant admitted the debt, and an order was made for 1s per month.

JOHN PAUL, Curry Mallet, v. JOHN NEWBERY, hay dealer, Taunton – The claim was £1 19s for stone. A verdict was given for the full amount.

JOSEPH LAVER, Somerton, v. WILLIAM PALMER, hawker. - £4 was claimed for the value of a winnowing machine. The defendant borrowed the machine from the plaintiff, and with his concurrence it was placed on the premises of a man named FROST, and while there it was destroyed by fire. His Honour decided that no claim could be made, as the machine was not destroyed through any negligence of defendant's. He ordered a nonsuit to be entered with costs.


EDMUND SATHERLY v. JOSEPH SPARKS, Stoke-sub-Hamdon. - Claim £10, for bread and shop goods. His Honour gave judgement for £5, to be paid in monthly instalments of 2s.

CHARLES SATHERLY v. CHARLES EDWARDS. - Claim £1 17s for goods sold. Committed for 10 days; warrant suspended for 14 days if £1 be then paid, and suspended for another 20 days for the balance of instalments. Subsequent instalments of 3s per month to pay the remainder of the debt.

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<NOTES: John PAUL is probably John PAUL son of Elizabeth PAUL, married Emma DOLLEN>