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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 13 May 1891

Page 6 Column 2


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COUNTY COURT, Wednesday. - Before his Honour Judge PATERSON. - Very few cases came into court, and all except two were disposed of by the Registrar (Mr J LOUCH). - Wm. Stephens COUZENS, Picts Hill, near Langport, v. Albert FOURACRE, of the same place. The plaintiff stated that defendant had erected a saw pit across a path of his. Defendant said that the path did not belong to plaintiff. By consent of both parties his Honour allowed the case to be adjourned. - George MAIN, shoemaker, Somerton, v. James BARNARD, of the same place. Claim 16s 6d for making a shoe for defendant's horse, which had a peculiar foot. Plaintiff stated that defendant had paid 7s 6d and had promised him a ton of mangolds as well. Defendant said that he only promised him a few mangolds besides the money already paid. Judgement was ordered for 8s.

THE CENSUS. - The returns of the census in the Langport Union have just been published. The population in the Union in 1881 was 15,542, and in 1891, 14,478, showing a decrease of 1,064, or about 6.6 per cent. Out of this number 661, or about 4.5 per cent., are paupers. The parish which has suffered most is Chalton Mackrell, the inhabitants of which have decreased 25.5 per cent, since 1881. Babcary, Barrington, Beercrocombe and Somerton are the only parishes which have increased, and these only in a very small degree. The last named parish shows the largest increase, which only amounts to 2.5 per cent., and may be accounted for by the employment obtainable at the collar and box factories in the town. The following are the returns for 1891:- Aller, 444 – decrease, 29; Babcary, 336 – increase, 15; Barrington, 447 – increase, 29; Barton Saint David, 308 – decrease, 30; Beercrocombe, 139 – increase, 3; Charlton Mackrell, 526 – decrease, 179; Compton Dundon, 504 – decrease, 70, Curry Mallet, 404 – decrease, 79; Curry Rivel, 1558 – decrease, 51; Drayton, 395 – decrease, 53; Fivehead, 379 – decrease, 37; High Ham, 989 – decrease, 127; Huish Episcopi, 637 – decrease, 24; Isle Abbots, 252 – decrease, 95; Isle Brewers 290 – decrease, 26; Keinton Mandeville, 506 – decease, 31; Kingsbury Episcopi, 1,440 – decrease, 74; Kingsdon, 295 – decrease, 58; Kingsweston, 121 – decrease, 27; Langport, 890 – decrease, 7; Long Sutton, 802 – decrease, 74; Muchelney, 240 – decrease, 16; Pitney, 306 – decrease, 15; Puckington, 178 – decrease, 51; Somerton, 1962 – increase, 45; Swell, 131 – decrease, 2.

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TRAP ACCIDENT. - On Friday morning, as Mr and Mrs FOURACRE, of the Crown Inn, Pitminster, were driving to Norton station with the intention of going to Minehead for the day, they met with a somewhat serious accident. When near the station the horse stepped on a stone and fell, throwing Mr. FOURACRE out of the trap, and breaking the bone of one ankle and also injuring his arm. Mrs FOURACRE, with considerable presence of mind, and was able to pull up the horse and prevent further damage, while her husband was conveyed home, and is now progressing favourably towards recovery.

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