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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 27 May 1891

Page 4 Column 6

Births, Marriages and Deaths.


COOMBS – May 16, at Ilchester, the wife of Mr G COOMBS, of a son.

DINGLE – May 13, at 23, Queen-street, Taunton, the wife of Mr T DINGLE, of a son.

FOGERTY – May 18, at Poplar Mount, North-street, Axminster, the wife of Mr W FOGERTY, of a daughter.

OATEN – May 21, in Cann-street, Taunton, the wife of Mr R OATEN, of a son – stillborn.

PROUT – May 23, in Gordon-road, Taunton, the wife of Mr PROUT, of a son.

POWNE – May 14, at Monmouth House, Chard, the wife of Mr B L POWNE, of a son.

PAULL – May 16, at Church-street, Merriott, the wife of Mr Alfred PAULL, of a son.

REDD – May 21, at No. 2, Alexandra Villas, Watchet, the wife of Captain J REDD, of a daughter.

TURNER – May 16, at Bishop's Lydeard, the wife of Mr Edward TURNER, saddler, of a son.


ABBOTT-FOX – May 18, at the Congregational Chapel, Yeovil, by the Rev S T ALLEN (pastor), Mr William ABBOTT, of Yeovil, to Clara, second daughter of Mr John FOX, Sherborne-road, Yeovil.

BUNCE-PIKE – May 17, at St. Mary's Church, Axminster, by the Rev A NEWMAN, Mr Alfred H BUNCE, elder son of A BUNCE, Yeovil, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Sergt. PIKE.

GIBBS – HOOPER – May 18, at the parish church, Wilton Taunton, by the Rev. D J PRING, Mr Harry GIBBS, eldest son of Mr George GIBBS, late of Taunton, to Miss Sarah HOOPER, second daughter of the late Mr Charles HOOPER, of Wilton.

HOOPER-READER – May 17, at St. Bartholomew's Church, Crewkerne, by the Rev C BARNES, William, eldest son of Mr George HOOPER, of Merriott, to Miss Rosa READER, daughter of Mr John READER, of Crewkerne.

NEWBERRY-HOOPER – May 17, at St. Mary's Church, Axminster, by the Rev A NEWMAN, Mr Frederick NEWBERRY, to Miss Elizabeth Annie HOOPER.

STONE-LOCK – May 14, at the parish church, North Curry, by the Rev Prebendary BULLER, Tom George, only son of Mr Thomas STONE, Corfe, to Alice Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Wm LOCK, Lillesdon, North Curry.

SPEARING-MALE – May 17, at St. Bartholomew's Church, Crewkerne, by the Rev W H DIXON, curate, Mr George SPEARING to Miss Sarah Anna MALE, both of Crewkerne.


ASHMENT – May 18, at Hermitage-street, Crewkerne, Percy Charles, aged 3 years, and Frederick George, aged 16 months, children of John ASHMENT.

BROWNE – May 16, at 9, Hill View-terrace, Sherborne-road, Yeovil, Nelly May, youngest child of W J and Anna BROWNE, aged 4 years and 5 months.

BRUTTON – May 17, at Yeovil, Arthur Kennard, son of Joseph and Mary BRUTTON, aged 14.

FOWLER – May 20, at Fore-street, Uffculme, Mrs Jane FOWLER, aged 74.

FARNHAM – May 16, at Donyatt, Ilminster, Frank FARNHAM aged 64.

FRAMPTON – May 19, at Beaminster, Mr Charles FRAMPTON aged 34.

FURZER – May 19, at Lyewater, Crewkerne, Blanche, infant daughter of Mr James FURZER, aged 18 months.

LYSAGHT – May 19, at Stoke Canon, the Hon. Samuel Knight LYSAGHT, son of the fourth Baron Lisle, aged 70.

LEWIS – May 17, at Hinton St. George, William LEWIS, aged 79.

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<NOTES: R. OATEN is Robert OATEN son of Charles OATEN and Mary Ann TALBOT, married Elizabeth Sophia BELLHOUSE

Miss Sarah Anna MALE is Sarah Hannah or Sarah Anna MALE daughter of Samuel MALE and Sarah READ, married George SPEARING>