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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 21 June 1893

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We regret to record the death of Mr. Edward JEBOULT, which took place at his residence in Station-road, Taunton, on Saturday. By it, Taunton loses one of her most devoted sons, and West Somerset an industrious collector of her numerous records. The JEBOULTs were of an ancient Huguenot family, who ages ago settles near Salisbury. William JEBOULT removed to Wells, where he eloped with the daughter of Prebendary LAING, whose ancestors presented the great brass eagle to the cathedral. William JEBOULT was an organist and professor of music, and by public competition was selected by the organist of Wells Cathedral to the best organ of this neighbourhood. He settled in Taunton early this century, and was the first resident in Hammet-street. There was then no Mayor or Corporation in Taunton, but he became Mayor and Recorder of the Blackbrook Corporation. He purchased property near Wilton church, including the old Manor house. On his death, his widow returned to Wells, where, in the Vicar's close, she kept open house for the young clergy, until she was known as “The female Bishop.” As the old couple were childless, they had adopted a nephew, James JEBOULT – who succeeded them. In 1814 he married Harriet POUNSBERY, of North-town house, Taunton, by whom he had a numerous family. For nearly fifty years, Mr. James JEBOULT was well-known as one of Taunton's most active and useful residents, serving as he did with great credit all the various offices of the town, and ending as chairman to the Taunton Board of Health, the then governing body in the borough. In 1830 he started the Bridgwater Potteries, and afterwards removed the manufacture to Taunton. In 1844 he was the active churchwarden in the original restoration of St. Mary's church. His exertions prevented Taunton losing the assizes. In all good works for Taunton James JEBOULT was foremost. Edward JEBOULT, his third son, was born at a noted time, in the last year of the last George, just before the introduction of steam, gas, and railways. He was one of four Edwards born around the Parade within a month. He was educated in Taunton, and finished at Wellington Diocesan school, then in great prosperity. Here he was successful in obtaining prizes and honours. Another Taunton boy, John GOODLAND, joined hfm <sic> in carrying off half the number given, against 70 competitors. About this time Edward JEBOULT nearly lost his life at French Weir. He was afterwards engaged in establishing the bathing places. In 1844 he was articled at G. and R. Herniman's building and surveying establishment in succession to Henry DAVIS. Several large county contracts were then in progress. For further improvement he afterwards assisted in the County Surveyor's office, and was engaged in the preparation of the numerous plans for the Reeves' Bill, then before Parliament. He afterwards joined Messrs. Shewbrooke's building works, whilst the contracts for Sir Peregrine ACLAND's numerous works at St. Audries were in full progress. In 1850 his elder brother died, when for a short time he successfully conducted his business, until a customer was found. In 1854 he undertook the erection of large works at Rowbarton for the Taunton Manure Company, now Arnold's Brewery. From that time numerous contracts flowed in, including restoration or rebuilding of Cheddon, Bishop's Lydeard, Ashill and other churches, rectories at Heathfield, Broomfield, &c., &c. He was employed by every public body in Taunton, and kept up a large establishment. About 1855 he purchased land and erected the North-town villas in Station-road. A year or two later he bought the Cherrygrove estate, Kingston-road, sold it in building lots, and it was soon covered with houses. He then purchased the Sunnybank estate, on which he erected a number of villas, &c., and sold off the remainder. In 1863, in consequence of strikes, &c., in the building trade, he started ironmongery stores in North-street, but not proving a success, returned to his old business of contractor and marble mason, at new works in High-street, which he conducted for many years. In addition to this, by request of the Taunton Turnpike Trust, he undertook the duties of surveyor, greatly to their satisfaction. Numerous customers having demanded antique oak furniture, he added this branch to his business. After considerable sickness and loss, he removed his establishment to a more suitable situation in Station-road, where he erected the present buildings.

In 1862 he married Henrietta, the youngest daughter of Samuel SUMMERHAYES, bandmaster and organist, of Taunton, by whom he had nine sons and three daughters. Several of his sons are filling useful and important duties in this town. In 1872 he printed and published a large edition of the “History of West Somerset,” illustrated by numerous photographs and heliotypes. Five hundred of these being sold, in 1892 he prepared a new and enlarged edition, with forty full-sized wood engravings. These are now ready for distribution. The books of views of Taunton and West Somerset, and the MSS, collected by him are remarkable, and may be considered unique. For forty years it has been his hobby to bring together in large volumes all bearing on this subject, and the collection is a valuable one.

Mr. JEBOULT suffered for some three years with spinal complaint, and this with complications was the cause of death. For the last few days he was sinking fast. The final dissolution, however, was more sudden than his relatives had expected. He was attended up to the last by Dr. LIDDON.

The funeral took place on Tuesday morning at St. Mary's cemetery. The ceremony was preformed by the Rev. Preb. ASKWITH, the vicar of St. Mary's. The coffin was borne to the graveside by the workmen in the employ of the firm. The breastplate bore the following inscription:- “Edward Jeboult, born February 22nd, 1829; died June 17th, 1892, aged 64. Jesu Mercy.” Among the mourners present at the funeral were Mr. H. P. JEBOULT (brother), Miss C. JEBOULT (sister), and Mr. W. RAWLINSON (brother-in-law). The children of the deceased were also present. Wreaths were sent by the employés of the firm of Jeboult and Son, by Mr. and Mrs. F. W. ROBERTS, and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. POWELL, London. Mr. JEBOULT was a churchman, and had been for many years connected with St. Mary's Church.

Although he had not for many years taken an active part in politics, his principles were Conservative. He leaves a widow and seven sons and two daughters. Mr. A. J. SPILLER carried out the funeral arrangements.

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