Taunton Courier 01 Aug 1894 Kingsbury Episcopi Choir Outing and Drowned in the Parret Death of Robert GUMMER

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 01 Aug 1894

Page 7 Column 2


CHOIR. “OUTING.” - On Thursday, July 26th, the choir of the Parish Church, numbering 34, had their summer “outing,” Weston-super-Mare being the place visited. They were accompanied by the Vicar (Rev. J. H. PHILLIPS), Mr. W. PHILLIPS, Mr. and Miss CLARK (Thorney House), and others. A start was made from Martock Station at 9.20, the railway authorities having provided a “through” carriage exclusively for them. Weston was reached about 11 o'clock, when the party immediately repaired to the beach and Pier, and amused themselves until 1.30. They then met at Huntley's Beach Restaurant, where luncheon was enjoyed. Subsequently the excursionists engaged in various pastimes, and after taking tea they met at the station for the return journey, reaching Martock shortly after nine o'clock. The weather was beautifully fine throughout, and everyone spent a most enjoyable day.

DROWNED IN THE PARRET. - An inquest was held at the New Inn on Friday, before Mr. HAGON, deputy-coroner, touching the death of Robert GUMMER, whose body was found in the River Parret on Wednesday, the 25th July. - Mrs. E. GUMMER, daughter-in-law of deceased, and with whom he lodged, said he was 71 years of age. Deceased had a paralytic seizure some time ago, and fits since. He often complained of pains in the head, which he frequently bathed with cold water. On the morning of his death he had his breakfast in bed, but he did not each much, nor did he say anything. He left the house about 10 o'clock for his usual walk, but she did not see him alive afterwards. There had been no unpleasantness between them, and she had never heard him threaten to take his life; but she had noticed that he occasionally “wandered in his mind.” - Ralph FRY, a lad about 11 years of age, said that he was in a field called “Parsonage,” which adjoins the river, fishing. Deceased was in the next field. This was about 11.30. Noticed that deceased approached the river, but that he walked away from it again. Presently witness went into the field in which he had seen deceased, but he then lost sight of him. He continued his fishing, and about a quarter of an hour afterwards was startled to see deceased's body floating down the river towards him. He immediately gave information to his brother and others, and they came and pulled the body out of the river. Deceased was quite dead. - George HARVEY said that upon hearing of deceased's death he walked to the spot where deceased had last been seen. He found his hat and stick, the latter being carefully laid across the hat. There were no footmarks on the bank. He had known deceased for years, and lately had noticed his peculiar manner. Witness stated that deceased was in every way well cared for. - The jury returned the open verdict “That the deceased was found drowned in the River Parret on Wednesday, the 25th July, but there was not sufficient evidence to show how he got into the water.”

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