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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 19 Sep 1894
Page 8 Column 7



BLACKMORE. - Sept. 9, at 136, Rockwell Green, the wife of Mr. Edward BLACKMORE, of a daughter.

COURNTENAY. - Sept. 15, at South-street, Yeovil, the wife of Mr. G. COURTENAY, of a daughter.

DUDDERIDGE. - Sept. 10, at South-street, Taunton, the wife of Mr. James DUDDERIDGE, of a daughter.

FORBES. - Sept. 13, at Hayne, Stockland, Devon, the wife of Charles W. McKay FORBES, of a son.

LAWRIE. - Sept. 12, at Greenhill, Weymouth, the wife of Dr. Macpherson LAWRIE, of a son.

LONG. - Aug. 31, at Farway Farm, Chardstock, the wife of Mr. F. D. LONG, of a son.

LUKINS. - Sept. 10, at South-street, South Petherton, the wife of Mr. G. LUKINS, of a son.

MOON. - Sept. 6, at Avonside-terrace, Bristol, the wife of Mr. W. H. MOON, of a daughter.

PITT. - Sept. 16, at Oxen-lane, Crewkerne, the wife of William PITT, of a daughter.

REECE. - Sept. 9, at Misterton, Crewkerne, the wife of George REECE, of a son.

REEVES. - Sept. 15, at Fontmell Magna, the wife of Mr. Walter REEVES, of a daughter.

RENWICK. - Sept. 7, at Fleur-de-lis, Bridgwater, the wife of Thomas RENWICK, of a son.

RUGG. - Sept. 8, at Southover, Lewes, Sussex, the wife of Mr. A. E. RUGG, of Lyme Regis, of a son.

SQUIRE. - Sept. 8, at Hunstpill Cottage, Huntspill, the wife of A. SQUIRE, of a son.

STRONG. - Sept. 12, at Bishop's Caundle Rectory, Sherborne, the wife of the Rev. J. W. STRONG, of a son.

TUCK. - Sept. 13, at Roundham, Crewkerne, the wife of Ernest TUCK, of a daughter.

UPSHALL. - Sept. 4, at Evercreech, the wife of Mr. Thos. UPSHALL, of a daughter.

WEAVER. - Sept. 11, at the Manor House, Curry Rivel, the wife of Mr. G. K. WEAVER, of a son.


BOWERMAN-STEVENS. - Sept. 6, at the Temple, Taunton, by the Rev. Alfred TUCKER, Frederick Robert BOWERMAN, of Gordon Villa, Wellington, to Florence Mary, youngest daughter of James Stevens, Southfield, Taunton.

BULL-PARKER. - Sept. 6, at North-street Chapel, Crewkerne, by the Rev. J. CRUICKSHANK, Mr. Henry BULL, formerly of Crewkerne, to Martha Ann PARKER, of Hermitage-street, Crewkerne.

CLARK-BIDDLECOMBE. - Sept. 13, at St. James's Church, Exeter, by the Rev. M. R. BAILEY, John CLARK, of High Brooks Farm, Somerton, to Anna Maria BIDDLECOME, of Muchelney Ham, Langport.

CORFIELD-SOUTHERN. - Sept. 12, at St. Augustine's, Bournemouth, by the Rev. Canon TWELLS, Henry OAKLEY, second son of Henry Christian CORFIELD, of Oswestry, to Alice, sixth daughter of the late Francis and Mrs. SOUTHERN, Bryn Mawr, Bournemouth.

COWARD-COWARD. - Sept. 11, at Bowden Parish Church, by the Rev. Richard COWARD, vicar of Luxulyan, Edward COWARD, of Roundway, near Devizes, to Florence Annie, second daughter of Edward COWARD, of Heaton House, Heaton Mersey, and Heatherlea, Bowdon.

CRIDLAND-WADDON. - Sept. 4, at the Parish Church, Milverton, by the Vicar, Mr. Tom CRIDLAUD <sic>, of Milverton, to Miss WADDON, of Kingston.

FOSTER-SMITH. - Sept. 8, at St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, Ernest LIONEL, only son of F. H. FOSTER, of Plymouth, to Henrietta Mary, eldest daughter of F. Warren SMITH, of Yeovil.

GALE-BAKER. - Sept. 13, at the Parish Church of St. Mary's, Bridport, by the Rev. Dr. WELDON, rector, assisted by the Rev. E. J. L. B. HENSLOWE, vicar of Preston, Mr. H. GALE, of Winchester, to Miss M. A. BAKER, of Bridport.

GRAY-BARTLETT. - Sept. 4, at the Baptist Chapel, Burton, by the Rev. W. S. WYLE, Mr. John GRAY to Miss E. J. BARTLETT, both of Stolford.

GUPPY-ROBINSON. - Sept. 8, at St. Laurence Church, Upton, near Windsor, by the Rector the Rev. H. Saville VOINIGN??, Mr. W. G. GUPPY, eldest son of the late Mr. Bejamin GUPPY, of Yeovil, to Miss Kate Ada ROBINGSON, only daughter of the late Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, of Slough.

HARBER-ROWLAND. - Sept. 5, at St. Andrew's Church, Taunton, by the Vicar, the Rev. R. St. J. GRESLEY, Edward HARBER, of Taunton, to Miss Amy ROWLAND, second daughter of Mr. R. ROWLAND, of Taunton.

MARK-CHAPMAN. - Sept. 5, at the Parish Church, Kingston, Mr. Alfred Penrose MARK, fourth son of the late Mr. Penrose MARK, H.B.M., Consul at Malaga, and of Mrs. Wilberforce SAULEZ, of Okehampton, to Miss CHAPMAN, only daughter of the late Lieut.-General CHAPMAN, and sister of Major Stephen CHAPMAN, of Tainfield, Kingston.

OSTLER-HOLLARD. - Sept. 15, at the Congregational Chapel, Chard, by the Rev. F. LANSDOWNE, William W. OSTLER to Annie L. HOLLARD, late of Yeovil.

RENDALL-LANE. - Sept. 10, at the Parish Church, Odcombe, by the Rev. E. W. COLLIN, rector, Edward, son of Mr. E. RENDALL, to Frances, daughter of Mr. S. LANE, both of Odcombe.

WILLIAMS-WHITE. - Sept. 10, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Street, by license, by the Rev. W. WARD, Mr. Robert WILLIAMS, of Honiton, to Miss Augusta Susan WHITE, of Walton.

WOOD-STREET. - Sept. 5, at Holy Trinity Church, Taunton, by the Vicar, the Rev. E. A. DUCKET, M.A., Mr. Daniel WOOD, late of Genoa, to Miss Julia STREET, of Taunton.


BEST. - Sept. 8, at Chiselborough, Minnie, wife of Mr. George BEST, aged 20.

BETTY. - Sept. 4, at 54, Bath-road, Bridgwater, Samuel BETTY, aged 51.

BRICKELL. - Sept. 10, at Butts, Napp, Cann, Albert, infant son of James and Lucy BRICKELL, aged 4 days.

BURROW. - Sept. 9, at Broadclyst, William Henry BURROW, late of Budlake and Bristol, age 32.

CHAMEN. - Aug. 1, at Cifex, Virginia, George CHAMEN, formerly of Charminster, aged 64.

CROWCOMBE. - Sept. 6, at 15, Angel-crescent, Bridgwater, William CROWCOMBE, aged 79.

CURRY. - Sept. 6, at 3, Camden-road, Bridgwater, Harriett CURRY, aged 88.

DAVIS. - Aug. 31, at Adscombe, Over Stowey, William DAVIS, aged 63.

ELLIOTT. - Aug. 31, at Moreton, Albert ELLIOTT, aged 35.

GALE. - Sept. 11, at St. Mary Well-street, Beaminster, Augusta GALE, aged 58.

GRANT. - Sept. 12, at Arne, Wareham, Mr. James GRANT, aged 59.

HANN. - Sept. 11, at St. James-street, South Petherton, Mr. F. HANN, sen., aged 50.

HILL. - Aug. 31, at 39, St. John-street, Bridgwater, Caroline HILL, aged 68.

HILLIER. - Sept. 12, at Pecking Mill, Mary Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. Richard HELLIER, aged 2 years and 5 months.

HITCHCOCK. - Sept. 5, at West Buckland, Maria, the wife of James HITCHCOCK, aged 51.

HITCHCOCK. - Sept. 6, at West Buckland, Mr. David HITCHCOCK, aged 49.

HUMPHRIES. - Recently, at 194, Rue de Rivoli, Paris, Eliza, wife of John Bennett HUMPHRIES, late of Sherborne, Dorset, aged 30. Australian papers please copy.

HURST. - Sept. 8, at Fordington-hill, Dorchester, the wife of Mr. L. HURST, aged 30.

HUTCHINGS. - Sept. 7, Edith, fifth daughter of Mr. George HUTCHINGS, Florrey Hole, Clayhidon, aged 4 years.

HUTCHINGS. - Sept. 8, at North-street, Bridgwater, Elizabeth, wife of George HUTCHINGS, aged 76.

JOHNSON. - Sept. 10, at Waterloo-road, Wellington, Rosina Jane, wife of Mr. Charles JOHNSON, aged 36.

LANE. - Sept. 2, at Rowbarton, Ann, wife of the late Mr. Francis LANE, aged 57.

LAWRENCE. - Sept. 11, at Lower-street, Merriott, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas LAWRENCE, aged 78.

LOVELESS. - Sept. 6, at Upwey, Mr. Joseph LOVELESS, aged 74.

MULES. - Sept. 12, at 2, Porchester-place, Oxford-square, London, Fanny, widow of Horace Vibart MULES, Honiton, aged 68.

PERRETT. - Sept. 15, at Poulders Farm, Tisbury, Mr. William PERRETT, aged 69.

PERRY. - Sept. 11, at Springfield, Wellington, Mr. Samuel PERRY, aged 74.

PORTER. - Sept. 9, at Ozone-terrace, Lyme Regis, Alderman W. PORTER, aged 76.

RENDELL. - Sept. 10, at Lower-street, Merriott, Mr. Joseph RENDELL, aged 76.

RICHARDS. - Sept. 6, at Bournemouth, Ada Maria RICHARDS, second daughter of the late William James RICHARDS, of Wimborne, aged 27.

ROOKLEY. - Sept. 8, at Blackborough, Daniel ROOKLEY.

SCARLETT. - Sept. 10, at Taunton, James SCARLETT, aged 47.

TRESHAM. - Sept. 7, at the Sanitary Hospital, Taunton, Frederick Chapman TRESHAM, aged 43.

WHITWHAM. - Sept. 5, at High-street, Taunton, Caroline WHITWHAM, aged 74.

WILLS. - Sept. 11, at 44, Casella-road, London, the wife of John WILLS, late of West Monkton, Taunton.

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