Taunton Courier 04 May 1898 Marriage of Mr William Tom WEBB and Florence Elizabeth FOURACRE Taunton

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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 04 May 1898

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A pretty wedding took place on Tuesday morning at St. James's Church, Taunton. The bride was Miss Florence Elizabeth FOURACRE, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron FOURACRE, of the Royal Mail Hotel, Station-road, Taunton, and the bridegroom was Mr. William Tom WEBB, who is well-known as the scorer of the Somerset County Cricket team, and hon. treasurer of the Taunton Rugby Club. Before being appointed to his present position Mr. WEBB was a journalist in the county town, and his parents were well known as having formerly kept the Phoenix Hotel, Taunton, for many years.

A large crowd of anxious spectators had assembled both inside and outside the church, and punctual to time the bride arrived at 11.30 in company with her father, who led her to the chancel. The bride was married in her travelling dress, consisting of dove grey drap de Paris, trimmed with dark shaded heliotrope velvet, with shot silk bows. Her hat was composed of tulle, set off with dark coloured heliotrope and silver grey feathers. She carried a shower bouquet of choice flowers, and altogether she presented a pretty appearance. The bride was attended by two little girls and two little pages. They were Master and Miss VENNER, of Reading, nephew and niece of the bride, and Master and Miss WEBB, of Weymouth, nephew and niece of the bridegroom. The girls were prettily attired in cream-coloured dresses, and the boys were dressed in white sailor suits. The former wore gold bangles, and the latter gold scarf pins, the gift of the bridegroom. Each carried a basket of choice blooms. The bride was given away by her father, and Mr. T. B. WILLIAMS, journalist, and one of the hon. secretaries of the Taunton Football Club, acted as “best man.” The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Vaughan JONES, of Brislington, and formerly of Stogursey (where Mr. WEBB's parents were known and held in much respect) assisted by the Rev. G. T. STEACEY, curate of St. James's Church. At the conclusion of the ceremony Mr. J. E. MINNS, who presided at the organ, played the “Wedding March” (Mendelssohn) as the happy couple left the church. At the door they were met by a number of the officials of the Taunton Football Club, who, with other friends, were pretty liberal in the sprinkling of rice and confetti. Among those who witnessed the pleasing event were Mr. and Mrs. W. J. D. VENNER (of Reading), Mrs. VENNER, Mr. and Mrs. DEE, Mrs. MARSHALL (Stogursey), Mr. and Mrs. LIDSTONE, Mrs. MOFFAT (Bristol), Mrs. PEARCE (Weston-super-Mare), Mr. and Mrs. G. WEBB, Mr. and Mrs. WANSBOROW, Miss BEER, Mr. J. EVERY, Mr. W. SPILLER (captain), and Mr. F. M. WESTCOTT, one of the hon. secretaries of the Taunton Football Club, and others. Mr. and Mrs. FOURACRE afterwards held a reception at the Royal Mail Hotel, at which a number of relatives of the bride and bridegroom were present. After hearty good wishes had been expressed for their future welfare and success, the happy couple left Taunton station by the 2.23 train en route for the Isle of Wight, via Portsmouth, to spend the honeymoon.

The carriages were supplied by Mr. J. WHITE, and Mr. COUSINS and Mr. CUFF provided the bouquets.

The numerous presents, of a useful and costly character, testified to the high esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. WEBB are held. The presents included a fine clock and an illuminated album, presented to the bridegroom by the Taunton Football Club, while from the same source the bride received a completely-fitted travelling-bag. The album is executed in the colours of the Club, and is the work of Messrs. Wilfred SPILLER and T. B. WILLIAMS. In an ornamental border appear the borough arms, the Taunton rebus, and a view of Jarvis's Field, showing the grand-stand. In the pages are given the names of the subscribers, who make a goodly number. The list of presents is as follows:- Bridegroom to bride, silver-mounted toilet set with tray; bride to bridegroom, gold sovereign case; Messrs. S. W. ARNOLD & Sons, Limited, set of carvers; Mr. and Mrs. William ALLEN, silver cream jug; Miss ARTHUR, silver and pearl bread fork; Mr. J. ALDER, pair of French vases; Mrs. BLIZZARD, pin cushion and worked sofa cushion cover; Miss BEER, gong; Mr. W. BINDING, cut glass scent bottle and scent; Mr. Laurence C. BARKER and Mr. Arthur C. ALLEN, silver sugar basin and sifter; Mr. and Mrs. W. M. CARPENTER, pair of salts; Mr. and Mrs. W. CARPENTER, ivory-handled bread fork; Miss CARTER, worked table cloth; Miss S. CARTER, worked mantle cloth; Mr. and Mrs. CHOWN, silver eggstand; Misses L. M. and E. L. DEE, pair of silver salts; Mr. and Mrs. J. DEE, antique card tray; Mr. and Mrs. J. DAVEY, pair of Jardiniéres and pair of sweet dishes; Mr. G. DREW, pair of vases; Mr. and Mrs. F. S. EARLE, sugar basin and sifter; Mr. R. FORREST, photograph and frame; “A Friend,” silver-mounted Doulton ware loving cup; Mr. H. FRANKLIN, pair of silver-mounted Doulton ware jugs; Mr. and Mrs. FOURACRE, cheque; “A Friend,” silver-mounted purse; Mr. and Mrs. GARDINER, pair of framed views; Messrs. HANBURY and COTCHING, silver cruet; Misses D. and M. HARTNELL, worked tea cosy; Messrs. W. B. HELLARD & Co., pearl-handled silver cake-knife; Miss KING, cigar case; Mr. and Mrs. J. P. LIDSTONE, silver initial serviette rings; Mrs. LOWTON, bamboo fire screen; Mr. Wm. MARSHALL, gold chain; Miss Agnes MOFFATT ornament; Miss Lily MOFFATT, ornament; Mr. and Mrs. H. G. MOUNTER, four framed coloured photographic views; Mr. and Mrs. J. MONTAGUE, epergne; Miss Nellie MONTAGUE, glove case; Mrs. MARSHALL, Bristol, worked sofa cushion and tray cloth; Mr. and Mrs. MOFFATT, silver serviette rings, in case; Mr. W. H. MASON, silver preserve spoons, in case; Mr. and Mrs. T. MARSHALL, silver hot water jug; Mr. and Mrs. E. E. ORAM, silver fish knives and forks; Mr. W. T. ORCHARD, silver teaspoons; Mr. and Mrs. E. POTTER and family, inkstand; Mr. Wm. PEARSE, pair of vases; Mrs. G. PHILLIPS, book; Miss Mabel POTTER, ivory-handled butter knife; Mr. W. D. POYNTER, silver and ivory paper knife; Mr. and Mrs. PAYNE, silver jam stand; Mr. H. T. STANLEY, silver and glass biscuit jar; Mr. and Mrs. H. J. SPILLER, silver-mounted biscuit jar; Messrs. STARKEY, KNIGHT, & FORD, Ltd., pair of silver entrée dishes; Mrs. STOWARD, brass letter rack; Master W. SPILLER, illuminated album; Taunton Rugby Football Club, clock and ladies' dressing bag; Mr. G. TRENCHARD, silver-mounted Malacea cane, with horn handle; Mrs. TATCHELL, silver-mounted butter cooler; Mr. and Mrs. TWOSE, cheese dish; Mrs. VENNER, bamboo occasional table; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. D. VENNER, rosewood cabinet; Master Fred and Miss Elsie VENNER, brass and walnut paper rack; Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Van TRUMP, silver fish slice; Mr. and Mrs. R. J. VENNER, brass flower pot; Misses A. and F. VENNER, silver cake knife; Miss B. VENNER and Mr. G. W. HALLETT, inlaid oak tray; Mr. T. G. WILLIAMS, salad bowl and servers; Mrs. WENSLEY, cheque and Shakspeare's complete works; Mr. T. B. WILLIAMS, fruit stand; Mr. H. G. WEBB, gun; Mr. and Mrs. WINSBARROW, silver toast rack and butter dish; Mrs. H. G. WEBB, cutlery; Master Tom WEBB, carvers; Miss Evie WEBB, game carvers; Miss F. E. WILKINS, crazy china plate; Miss B. M. WILKINS, worked silk pin cushion; Mr. H. J. WHITE, chased silver spirit kettle and stand; Mr. William WEBB, silver-mounted liqueur decanter; Mr. A. T. YEO, silver and china sweetmeat dish.

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<NOTES: William Tom WEBB son of Thomas WEBB and Justine A., married Florence Elizabeth FOURACRE
Florence Elizabeth FOURACRE daughter of Aaron FOURACRE and Sarah MARSHALL, married William Tom WEBB
Mr W. J. D. VENNER is William John Day VENNER son of William VENNER and Martha, married Annie Eliza FOURACRE
Mrs W. J. D. VENNER is Annie Eliza FOURACRE daughter of Aaron FOURACRE and Sarah MARSHALL, married William John Day VENNER
Master VENNER is William Frederick Fouracre VENNER son of William John Day VENNER and Annie Eliza FOURACRE
Miss VENNER is Florence Elsie VENNER daughter of William John Day VENNER and Annie Eliza FOURACRE>