Taunton Courier 14 Sep 1898 A Hillfarrance Story includes DUDDERIDGE HAYES CATTLE LOVELL

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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 14 Sep 1898
Page 2 Column 3

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A HILLFARRANCE STORY. - There lived at Allarford, which adjoins Hillfarrance, from 1784 onwards, a Mr. George and Fanny DUDDERIDGE. They had in all a family of seven children, each born at Allarford. Of these George DUDDERIDGE, jun., born in 1787, was the second child, and concerning him the following sad incident is related at Hillfarrance to-day. As years went Mr. George DUDDERIDGE, jun., became engaged to be married to a certain Miss CATTLE. Every preparation and arrangement were made for the wedding, and even the date fixed for the happy nuptials. As George, however, was carrying some things to the house where he and his bride were about to reside he dropped down dead, and was found lying in a ditch in his father's garden. What made the whole thing more sad was the fact that on the day appointed for the wedding, viz., April 12th, 1812, poor George was buried in Hillfarrance Churchyard, and the things, &c., prepared for the wedding breakfast were eaten at his funeral. Strange to say, although Miss CATTLE was never connected with the DUDDERIDGE family, her descendants were. She afterwards married a Mr. LOVELL, of Hillfarrance, and had issue, a son and a daughter. The son married a Miss Charlotte HAYES, whose mother, Martha, was Mr. George DUDDERIDGE's sister, and the daughter married a Mr. Aaron HAYES, who was brother to this Miss Charlotte. Still later, as showing a further connection between the two families, Mr. Emmanuel CATTLE, of Hillfarrance, married on October 10th, 1895, a Mrs. Susanna DUDDERIDGE, widow, of the same place.

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