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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 01 Mar 1899
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DR. BERRY MARRIED. - Mr. and Mrs. BERRY, of Townsend House, have received letters acquainting them of the marriage of their eldest son, Dr. Robert Sewers? BERRY, with Cecil Maude, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MILMAN, of Southport, near Brisbane, Queensland. The wedding presents were numerous, both from friends in the Colony and from England. Dr. and Mrs. R. S. BERRY have been spending their honeymoon at Sydney.


ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. - On Wednesday a woman named Edith Jane MORGAN, wife of a labourer, living in Wagg Drove, in this parish, was found by her son and Mrs. CROSSMAN, a neighbour, suspended to a beam, black in the face and vomiting. They immediately cut her down and placed her upon a sofa, where she was subsequently discovered pushing reels of cotton into her mouth. On Friday morning she was taken to Somerton Police-station by Sergeant WORNER, and was taken before Mr. F. W. PINNEY and Mr. E. W. VALENTINE, when Mr. NICHOLLS, medical practitioner, of Langport, certified that she was on unsound mind, and the magistrates ordered her removal to Cotford Asylum.


EVENING CONTINUATION SCHOOL. - The School received a visit on Thursday last from Mr. C. H. BOTHAMLEY, technical education director. There were 40 men and lads present. The scholars were put on their mettle but the Examiner seemed well pleased and satisfied with their progress, as well as their general behaviour. The class, under Messrs. SHARPE and LOVELL, has had a successful session, the attendance being very good throughout.

TRAP ACCIDENT. - On Tuesday evening Mr. Thomas MALE's son and two daughters, with a Miss B. STENT, were returning in a horse and trap from Seavington. When near the Board School the horse stumbled and fell breaking off both shafts. The occupants were thrown violently into the road, all being more or less hurt. They were taken into the house of of Mr. George HARVEY, at Stembridge, the horse meanwhile bolting towards Kingsbury with the broken shafts dangling at its side. As soon as the young people could be got home Dr. ADAMS was sent for. It was found that the collar-bone of the youngest daughter was broken, she being also severely bruised and shaken. The eldest daughter was injured internally. It is hoped that under skilful attendance there will soon be an improvement in their condition.


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SPECIAL SESSIONS, Friday. - Before Messrs. W. A. SANFORD, S. FOX, J. BOURNE, T. N. SULLY, W. SWEET, O. G. WALTER, and H. EWENS. - The Bench granted several applications for exemption from vaccination. - Sidney SCRIBBENS, aged 13, and James OATEN, aged 11, of Wellington, were summoned for stealing coal, value respectively 1½d and 1d, the property of Messrs. THOMAS & Co., Wellington. - Mr. W. T. BOOKER (Wellington) appeared for the prosecution. He explained that the boys had been in the habit of fetching coal from the yard. Their parents sent them with a shilling for a hundred-weight, but the boys asked for three-quarters of a hundred-weight, received 3d change, and then before leaving the yard took from a stack of coal sufficient to make up the quantity their parents had told them to bring. The Company wished the case to be dealt with leniently, but as they had reason to believe this was part of a system they had felt bound to bring the cases forward. - Mr. SULLY, one of the directors of the Company, did not take part in adjudicating on the case. - Defendants pleaded guilty. - The Bench ordered that the elder defendant should be birched with six strokes; the little boy OATEN to be present during the birching, and to come up for judgment if called upon. - Samuel SOUTHEY, of Moors Farm, Wellington, was summoned for causing 22 pigs to be ill-treated whilst withholding from them proper food. - Mr. W. T. BOOKER appeared to prosecute on behalf of the R.S.P.C.A. Mr. CLARKE, Taunton, appeared for defendant, who, on his solicitor's advice, pleaded guilty. - Evidence for the prosecution was given by the Police-Sergeant LUKE, Mr. ADAMS (Society's inspector), Mr. Hayes FISHER (veterinary surgeon, Wellington), and Mr. ACKROYD (veterinary surgeon, Highbridge). - Mr. CLARKE asked the Bench not to deal severely with the defendant, who, he said, would undertake to get rid of the pigs. - Mr. BOOKER said it was his duty to point out that at the December Court the defendant was fined for ill-treating pigs. - The Bench ordered defendant to pay £5 and costs, and said they would have sent him to gaol but for the fact that he is supporting his aged mother. - Robert WENSLEY, a labourer, APPLEY, was summoned for assaulting James SHATTOCK, traction engine proprietor, of Greenham, on February 2nd. - There was a cross-summons by which SHATTOCK was alleged to have assaulted WENSLEY. - On the part of SHATTOCK it was alleged that WENSLEY interfered with the machinery, and that when remonstrated with he knocked young SHATTOCK down, and also assaulted complainant. - WENSLEY on his part alleged that he went to help the SHATTOCKS draw a bar from part of a machine, and that young SHATTOCK started the row. - The Bench dismissed both cases. - Mr. SWEET?, for whom the parties were working at the time, retired from the Bench during the hearing of these cases. – Samuel TROAKE, labourer, Wellington, summoned for non-payment of 9s 6d poor-rate, was ordered to pay with costs. – Mr. F. J. BOWERMAN was granted an ejectment order against a tenant named TOTTLE, living at Chelstone.

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