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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser 03 May 1899

Page 2 Column 2

Notes and Queries.


ROMAN COINS. - An old inhabitant says that he has heard his grandfather tell of a lot of Roman coins being found in and around Taunton whilst men were excavating in 1748. There were many found whilst the Gaol was being built in 1754. A great quantity was found at Holway about 30 or 40 years ago. What strange places these people used to hide their money, because urns have been found at crossways and in old hedges whilst being demolished. - LATENT.

METEOR AT ILMINSTER IN 1836. - On Friday evening last an extraordinary meteor was distinctly visible at Ilminster for nearly three minutes. It's first appearance was in the east at a high elevation of considerable brilliancy and size, surrounded by luminous rays similar to a comet. It passed slowly in a line towards the west, gradually diminishing in size, and at last decreasing to a bright point, it entirely disappeared. - Sherborne Mercury Times, June 11, 1836.

A STAUNCH TEETOTALER. - The virtues of total abstinence have been exemplified by more than one in West Somerset in times gone by, but among them may be mentioned the name of Mr. George HAYES, of Hillfarrance, who died suddenly in 1879. This worthy enemy to alcohol would undertake a whole year's harvesting, drinking noting all the time but cold tea. His seven surviving children may well feel proud of their father, who could in his day do more in this way than many a Somerset man to-day.

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