Taunton Courier 26 Apr 1899 Wellington Police Court John HURFORD Ashbrittle Thatcher

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 26 Apr 1899

Page 6 Column 3


POLICE-COURT, Thursday. - John HURFORD, Ashbrittle, thatcher, and Walter TOOZE, a lad in his employ, both on bail, were charged on remand with stealing oats, chaff, mangolds, and spar gad ends, value 1s 6d, the property of Mr. GODWIN, Beardley Farm, Kittisford. - The evidence showed that on Friday, April 14th, the prisoners were at work at the farm making spar gads. HURFORD had with him a pony and cart. In the early part of the day it was seen that there were some empty bags in the cart, but later in the day it was found that the bags contained respectively oaten chaff, mangolds, and spar gad ends. The pony was found eating chaff in the stable, and the carters found on their return home that some of the chaff prepared for their horses had been taken away. The matter was reported to the police, and subsequently the prisoners virtually admitted their guilt, HURFORD saying he took the things unthinkingly. - Mr. A. R. PAYNE (Milverton) appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. W. T. BOOKER (Wellington) defended. - Acting on Mr. BOOKER's advice the prisoners pleaded guilty. - the Bench dismissed the case against TOOZE, as they considered he acted under HURFORD, his employer. HURFORD was ordered to pay £1 and £2 2s costs. - Paid.

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<Notes: John HURFORD is John Henry HURFORD son of Robert HURFORD and Jane HARVEY husband of Maria PEARCE>