Taunton Courier 31 May 1899 Death of Mrs W. J. D. VENNER daughter of Mr and Mrs FOURACRE at Reading

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The Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 31 May 1899

Page 5 Column 2

DEATH OF MRS. W. J. D. VENNER. - A large number of Tauntonians will hear with regret of the death of Mrs. VENNER, wife of Mr. W. J. D. VENNER, a Town Councillor of Reading, and elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FOURACRE, of Elmcroft, Taunton, who died at Reading on Monday, after an illness extending over some period, at the age of 33. Mrs. VENNER was the elder sister of Mrs. W. T. WEBB, of the Royal Mail Hotel. The funeral took place on Friday at Reading.

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