Taunton Courier 31 May 1899 Milverton Property Sale includes Mr R FOURACRE

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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 31 May 1899

Page 6 Column 3


PROPERTY SALE. - At the White Hart Hotel, Milverton, on Monday, Messrs. MAYNARD held a very successful sale of freehold property, situate at Houndsmoor, and new buildings. The property was put up in five lots. The first lot offered was Lot 1, consisting of four cottages, outbuildings, and gardens. After some spirited bidding it was knocked down to Mr. R. FOURACRE at £142. Lot 2 – A strip of garden ground, with a frontage to the Whitemore-road of about 17ft. 9in., and a depth of about 160ft., and now in the occupation of Mr. C. MORRELL, at a yearly rent apportioned at £1 3s. Also a small plot, of ground, opposite the lower end of the said strip, being the site of a cottage, now in the occupation of Mr. KING, at a yearly rent of 3s. This lot fell to the bidding of Mr. Charles MORRELL for £24. Lots 3 and 4 – Three plots of allotment ground, all adjoining, reputed to measure together about three-quarters of an acre, situate in the N.E. Portion of a field near the foregoing Lots, and now in the occupation of Mr. C. MORRELL, at a yearly rental apportioned at £1 15s. One plot of allotment ground, reputed to measure about half-an-acre, situate in the central part of the western or lower portion of the said field, and now in the occupation of Mr. J. HAYES, at a yearly rental apportioned at £1. These were secured by Mr. R. FOURACRE at £47 and £24 respectively. Lot 5 – Two dwelling-houses of five rooms each, with gardens in rear (being the third and forth houses from the lower end of terrace), now divided into four tenements, to of which are occupied by Mrs. WYATT and Mrs. SNELL as tenants, at a gross yearly rental of £6 10s, and the others void. As this lot did not reach the reserve price it was withdrawn, Messrs. SURR, GRIBBLE, & OLIVER, of London, and Mr. E. H. WATSON, of Taunton, were the solicitors concerned.


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