Taunton Courier 31 Oct 1900 Another Old West Somerset Family FOURACRE Martha HAYES

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 31 Oct 1900
Page 4 Column 6

Notes and Queries.


We shall be very pleased to receive from any of our readers contributions to this column, which we are anxious to make as interesting and as helpful as possible to everybody. Any interesting facts our friends may meet with in books or papers, or any strange stories they may hear from old inhabitants, or any question they would like ventilated, or any information they can give in reply to the queries of other correspondents, will always be welcomed for this column.


ANOTHER OLD WEST SOMERSET FAMILY. - Some few years ago there was living at Hillfarrance a Mr. FOURACRE, who married there a Miss Martha HAYES, who died a short time ago, much respected, at Hilsford. She was probably not aware of the fact that her husband belonged to one of the oldest families in Somerset. But such, indeed, is the case since “Willmo FFOUREACRE of Hillefarens” was among the many fined in Somerset for supporting Perkyn WARBECK in A.D., 1497, he having to pay the sum of xxvjs viijd.

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