Taunton Courier 06 Jan 1904 Taunton County Petty Sessions includes George GAGE of Kingston_Frederick_HAWKER of Staplehay Pitminster Ellen FOURACRE and Elizabeth OATEN of Trull

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 06 Jan 1904

Page 5 Column 4 and 5


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SATURDAY. - Before Colonel W. O. MEADE-KING (in the chair), Dr. E. LIDDON, Colonel Chisholm BATTEN, the Mayor (Councillor Arthur VILLAR), and Mr. Leslie FOX.

FURIOUS DRIVING. - John BREWER, of St. James's-street, Taunton, was charged with having furiously driven a horse attached to a cart at Hatch Beauchamp, on the 26th ult. - P.C. HORNER gave evidence that the defendant was driving furiously along the highway at Hatch Beauchamp, and swearing horribly. He had a little girl with him in the trap, and witness said that the pace defendant was going was dangerous to persons walking along the road. - Defendant gave evidence, and generally denied the charge. - Superintendent DURHAM proved previous convictions against him for furious driving. - Defendant was fined £2 and 6s 6d as costs, in default 14 days.

A MISUNDERSTANDING. - George GAGE, of Kingston, pleaded guilty to driving a locomotive after sunset on the 12th December at Kingston, without a light. - Mr. DURHAM said that the summons had been taken out at the instance of one of the magistrates, whose coachman had promised to be present, but was not there in Court. - P.C. STACEY spoke to calling upon the defendant respecting the case, and it appeared that on this particular evening he could not get his engine along, and he borrowed a lamp as soon as he get to the Farmers' Arms Inn, Kingston. He was under the impression that he need not have a light until one hour after sunset – It being defendant's first offence he was ordered to pay the costs, 5s.

BROTHERS FIGHTING. - Walter PARSONS and Frank PARSONS, two young men of Creech Heathfield, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on the highway at Creech Heathfield on the 26th ult. - P.C. OSMENT stated that on the day in question he found the defendants, who were brothers, fighting together with a crowd of persons around them. Witness had previously had occasion to caution them for this sort of thing. - Mr. DURHAM said that the defendant Walter had previously been before the Court for poaching, and they were both a nuisance to the public. - Defendants were each fined 5s and 5s as costs.

UNATTENDED. - Henry HUTCHINGS, of Winchester-street, Taunton, did not appear to a summons for leaving his cart unattended at Creech Heathfield on the 28th ult. - P.C. LIPPITT proved the case, and a letter was read from the defendant, expressing his regret and his inability to attend the Court. - Fined 2s 6d, and 5s as costs.

NO LIGHT. - William GREENSLADE, carter, of Bishop's Lydeard, appeared to a summons for driving after sunset without a light on the 17th ult. At Norton Fitzwarren. - P.C. HACKWELL stated the case, and defendant said he had spoken to his master about having no lamp before leaving home, and he was sorry that he had not got the light. - Fined 5s and costs. 5s.

A BANK HOLIDAY ALTERCATION. - Frederick HAWKER, labourer, of Staplehay, was summoned for using obscene language at Staplehay, Pitminster, on the 26th ult. - P.C. GUPPY stated that on Boxing-day he found the defendants with another man outside the Crown Inn at Staplehay, where he was using bad language. - Defendant admitted that he had used one bad word, when the constable interfered and told him to go home. He not only told him, but caught hold of him by the neck and pushed him, in which the defendant thought the constable was exceeding his duty. - Henry CULLIFORD, Blagdon, for whom Mr. A. G. TAYLOR appeared to defend, was summoned for behaving disorderly at the same time and place. - The constable stated that CULLIFORD was with the former defendant outside the Crown Inn, Staplehay, and when he spoke to HAWKER and persuaded him to go home, CULLIFORD interfered with witness and incited HAWKER not to go home. Both the defendants had been drinking. - Each of the defendants gave evidence on their own behalf, CULLIFORD generally denying the constable's evidence. He said that P.C. GUPPY ordered him home for no cause whatever, and because he did not go at once he caught hold of him and put him on the ground, and he asked him what right he had to do that. - Mr. DURHAM elicited in cross-examination that CULLIFORD had previously had words with P.C. GUPPY at Blagdon, also that he had been compelled to leave the Post-office, after 19 years' service, for insolence to the superintendent of the Post-office. - HAWKER was fined 5s and 5s as costs, and CULLIFORD 5s and 8s as costs.

IN PURSUIT OF GAME. - Henry STEVENS and Herbert HURFORD, of Thornfalcon, were charged with trespassing in pursuit of game at Thornfalcon on December 20th. STEVENS had a ferret and rabbit nets upon him, and HURFORD had a rabbit in his possession. - Both defendants pleaded guilty. - P.C. HORNER, of Hatch Beauchamp, stated that at mid-day on Sunday, December 20th, the day in question, he met defendants on the highway at Thornfalcon, and by their bulky appearance and the state of their boots he had suspicion they had been on land for the purpose of pursuit of game. They also had a terrier dog with them. He searched them, and found the articles mentioned, and also a rabbit, which both said the dog had caught on the road. - Defendants, who repeated this statement in Court, were fined 2s 6d each, and 5s each as costs. - Walter ROWLAND and William ROWLAND, of Trull, and Charles CASS, of Pitminster, pleaded not guilty to a charge of trespassing on land in the possession or occupation of Mrs. Annie FARRANT, of Pitminster, in pursuit of game on the 16th ult. - John REED stated that he was in the employ of Mrs. FARRANT, of Amberd House, Pitminster, and about two o'clock on the day of the date mentioned he was returning to his work in company wth <sic> William APLIN, a cowman, when he saw the three defendants working the hedge with a ferret. He told them that they had better be off, and they went but returned to the spot about an hour afterwards, and continued to work the hedge, William ROWLAND being on the land. Witness again spoke to them. He told them that they had no business there, and said that he should summons them. Next morning witness unstopped eight holes in the hedge where they had been ferreting. - William APLIN gave corroborative evidence. - Rupert FARRANT, prosecutrix's son, said he did not wish to press the case against the defendants, but wanted the poaching stopped. - Defendants denied having searched for game, and the Bench said they would not be hard upon them, but would find then 2s 6d and 4s 8d costs each.

SCHOOL CASES. - John HOOPER, Churchingford; Mary BLACKMORE, Churchstanton; James ELSON, Staplehay; James KEEN, Wrantage; George WHITE, Corfe; Ellen FOURACRE, Trull, Elizabeth OATEN, Trull; Samuel BARTLETT, Pitminster; John BERRY, Trull; Wm. HOPKINS, Creech St. Michael; and Annie LEE, of Creech St. Michael, were charged with having neglected to send their children regularly to school, and an order was made upon each, BARTLETT, LEE, and BLACKMORE were ordered to pay half the costs, and HOPKINS had to pay the full costs. - George WHITE was also charged with having disobeyed an order made upon him to send one of his children regularly to school. - He was fined 2s 6d and 4s costs. Messrs. G. LEWIS, S. R. CHAPMAN, G. MEDWAY, and J. DOBLE, school attendance officers, proved the cases, and Mr. W. F. B. DAWE prosecuted.

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