Taunton Courier 10 Aug 1904 North Curry Stogursey

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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 10 Aug 1904
Page 5 Column 4 & 6


FOR BRASS and IRON CASTINGS. - ALLEN & SON, Engineers, Taunton.

SCHOLASTIC SUCCESS. - Amongst the list of successful candidates for pupil teachers' scholarships offered by the County Council of Somerset is the name of Florence E. RUCKLEY, of this village. Miss RUCKLEY was specially coached for the examination by Mr. Sydney C. COOMBS.

CRICKET CLUB. - The North Curry Cricket Club have just completed their season's fixtures, which do not present a very exhilarating result. Out of 10 games played only two have been won, whilst seven ended in wins for their opponents, and one match was drawn much in favour of the North Curry team rain preventing a finish.

THE CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE (North Curry Detachment) returned from the camp and training at Lyme Regis on Friday evening after a very enjoyable week. Unfortunately the first night was far from comfortable on account of severe rain, and the tents were penetrated, and the lads under the canvas were much inconvenienced. After this, however, the weather became more salubrious, and the lads had a thoroughly happy time. Chaplain PRING was with them, and on Tuesday Lieutenants DARE and WILLIAMS paid them a visit for the day, and found all satisfactory.


CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL. - On Sunday evening the Misses RANDLE and FOURACRE, from the Pentecostal League, conducted their farewell service and there was a crowded congregation, the ladies' earnest preaching being much appreciated. - The Sunday morning service was taken by Mr. and Mrs. BELCHER, from London, and there was a large congregation to welcome old friends. - Recently a Dr. Barnardo Waif Saturday was held, collections being taken by Eva MILLARD 6s and Annie SMITH 6s, and these amounts having been duly forwarded by Mr. HULSE (wife of the pastor) who is the local hon. secretary.

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