Taunton Courier 24 Feb 1904 Sale of the Royal Mail Hotel Taunton owner Mr A. FOURACRE

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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 24 Feb 1904

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Messrs. C. R. MORRIS, Sons. & PEARD, acting on behalf of the owner, Mr. A. FOURACRE, submitted for public auction on Saturday afternoon at the Castle Hotel, Taunton, the freehold and fully-licensed premises called the Royal Mail Hotel, Station-road, Taunton, also known as the Royal Mail Wine and Spirit Stores. There was a very large attendance of brewers, wine and spirit merchants, licensed victuallers, investors, and others from Taunton and the surrounding district, the large room of the hotel being filled to overflowing. The Royal Mail was for 18 years successfully carried on by the present owner, Mr. A. FOURACRE, and for the last five years had been in the occupation of his son-in-law, the late Mr. W. T. WEBB, owing to whose death Mr. FOURACRE had now decided to sell. The house, which is a prominent and attractive corner property, is modern and substantially-built, with brick, slate, and tiles, and is in excellent repair and condition throughout. It has a frontage of about 27ft. 6in. to the main street, and about 117ft. 6in. to the only street leading and close to the G.W.R. Goods Station and to Jarvis' Football and Circus Field. On the ground floor are two front counter and private bars, private room, best kitchen (cooking range, oven, and fountain), second kitchen (force pump and pipes, town water tap, &c.), excellent beer and wine and spirit cellars, with side door access from street, larder, &c. The first floor comprising front sitting-room, four bedrooms, large club room, with two fine windows overlooking sports field and County Cricket Ground, office, &c. At the rear of the hotel are side and carriage entrances to the house, cellars, and yard, small greenhouse, with hot water pipes and stove for same, commodious enclosed yard, &c. The house commands a wine, spirit, and beer bottle trade, independently of counter and private bar trade. The premises are fitted with the electric light, and the special conveniences enable the business to be worked at a minimum cost of labour and attendance. The purchaser was required to take and pay for at a valuation the stock and ordinary trade fixtures, and a portion of the furniture and proportionate share of licenses, and possession of the whole will be given on the settlement of the purchase, i.e., 25th March next.

Mr. C. R. MORRIS was the auctioneer, and Messrs. KITE, BROOMHEAD, & KITE, of Hammet-street, were the solicitors for the vendor, Mr. G. H. KITE being present to explain the conditions of the sale or any other legal matter.

Mr. MORRIS mentioned that there were trade fixtures which the purchaser would be required to take at a valuation he had made of £27 10s 6d. He spoke of the substantial character of the property, its convenience for business, and situated in a district which was largely growing in population the property afforded a good opportunity, either to members of the trade or to investors. The late Mr. W. T. WEBB had kept no books, but the takings of the business averaged from £5 to £18 per day.

The bidding started at £2,000, and at £100 further bids quickly rose to £3,000, and, after a little breathing time, it was knocked down to Mr. James ALDER, of Taunton, at £3,400, who purchased the property for Messrs. MITCHELL, TOMS, & Co., brewers and wine and spirit merchants, of Chard.

The results of the sale was considered as very satisfactory.

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