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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 04 Aug 1909

Page 5 Column 5


VILLAGE SPORTS. - On Wednesday the annual village sports of Fivehead and Swell organised by Messrs. MATTERSON, took place. The officials were:- Judges, Messrs. J. WILCOX and C. HALLETT; Starter, Mr. L. LOCK; Clerk of the Course, Mr. C. THOMAS; Hon. Secretary, Mr. T. MILTON; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. C. HALLETT. The Committee, who also acted as stewards, comprised the Rev. J. RIGBYE, (chairman), Mr. R. de M. MATTERSON (vice-chairman), Messrs. W. A. K. MATTERSON, J. COOZE, J. WILCOX, T. LOCK, C. THOMAS, H. STODGELL, S. HUTCHINGS, and R. W. HILLARD. The results were as follows:-

Marathon race, from Langport Town Hall, distance about 5½ miles, time allowed 1 hour. C. BREWER, Bishop's Hull, the only starter, finished in half an hour. 200 yards boys' race (under 14) – 1, E. PRIDDLE, scratch; 2, H. SAWTELL, 10 yards; 3, S. SALVIDGE, 15 yards. 150 yards girls' race (under 14) – 1, F. PRIDDLE, 10 yards; 2, H. MILTON, scratch; 3, J. LOUCH, 6 yards. Quarter mile boys' race (under 18) – 1, J. HILLARD, 45 yards; 2, C. HALLETT, scratch; 3, J. FOX, 45 yards. Tilting the bucket (open) – 1, W. KEIRLE; 2, Herbert CHEDZOY; 3, J. SAWTELL. High jump (local) – 1, C. HALLETT, 4ft. 10in.; 2, Hugh CHEDZOY, 4ft. 4in. 100 yards handicap (local) – 1, C. HALLETT, scratch; 2, J. STODGELL, 7 yards; 3, G. CHORLEY, 8 yards. Girls' skipping competition (local) – 1, H. MILTON; 2, M. THOMAS; 3, E. SALWAY. Half-mile handicap (radius of four miles) – 1, J. HUMPHRY, 15 yards; 2, Hugh CHEDZOY, 15 yards; 3, S. SALWAY, scratch. One mile bicycle race, handicap (local); 1, H. MALE, 200 yards; 2, S. SALWAY, 20 yards; 3, Hugh CHEDZOY, 40 yards. Hurdle race, handicap – 1, C. HALLETT, scratch; 2, Hugh CHEDZOY, 5 years; 3, J. HILLARD, 12 yards. Quarter-mile wheelbarrow race (blindfold) – 1, W. PESTER; 2, V. MALE; 3, S. SALWAY. One mile, handicap (radius of 4 miles) – 1, G. CHORLEY, 130 yards; 2, S. SALWAY, scratch; 3, C. HALLETT, 100 yards. 200 yards, girls' variety race – 1, B. MILTON; 2, E. SALWAY; 3, D. MILTON. Two mile bicycle race, handicap (open to radius of 4 miles) – 1, W. KEIRLE, 100 yards; 2, R. TREVETT, scratch; 3, H. COATE, 110 yards. Tug-of-war, open to teams of eight – Hatch beat Isle Abbotts 2-0; Fivehead beat Hatch 2-0.

At the conclusion of the sports Mrs. MATTERSON presented the prizes. Tea was provided during the afternoon, Mrs. THOMAS and other ladies presiding.

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