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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 06 Jul 1910

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A principal meeting of the Somerset County Licensing Committee was held at the Shirehall, Taunton, on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. C. L. F. EDWARDS (chairman) presiding. The other justices present were: Mr. R. R. TANNER, Mr. J. C. MORLAND, MR. H. H. SHEPHERD, Major ELTON, Mr. E. Constable CURTIS, Mr. D. BADCOCK, Mr. J. H. FOX, MR. W. C. H. ESDAILE, Mr. H. W. P. HOSKYNS, and others.

FINANCE. - Mr. R. R. TANNER presented the report of the Finance Sub-Committee, which stated that the present balance in hand on the compensation fund was £6, 781 17s 2d, out of which further payments of compensation remained to be made amounting to about £2,000. It would be further reduced by such payment as might become due to the City of Bath under adjustment should the present provisional order for the extension of the city boundaries become law. With reference to this question they recommended that the treasurer be requested to furnish them with the necessary figures to enable the Licensing Committee to deal with any claim which might be made. Claims were recommended for payment to the amount of £26 1s 7d. - The report was adopted.

WITHOUT A CUSTOMER FOR A WEEK. - The Railway, an “on” beerhouse, ante 1869, the tenant of which is Mr. Chas. Fredk. CRYER, and the owners, Mesrs. Holt, Bros., Ltd., brewers of Burnham, was first dealt with. - Mr. F. E. WEATHERLY appeared for the Justices, and no opposition was offered to the closing of the house. - P.S. EMERY, who was called to prove evidence, stated that a previous tenant of the house told him that for seven or eight days at a stretch he had no beer in the house. The present tenant had stated that he did not get anybody in the house sometimes for a week, and a 1s a day was the most he had ever taken. The nearest house was three-quarters of a mile away. - Mr. WEATHERLY added that in 1907 18½ barrels of beer were sold, in 1908, 11¾ barrels, and in 1909, 17¾ barrels. - The license was refused.

GLOBE INN, CANNINGTON. - LICENSE RENEWED. - The license of the Globe Inn, Cannington, an “on” beer license, ante 1869, was objected to on the ground that it was difficult of police supervision. The owners of the house are Messrs. Starkey, Knight, & Ford, Ltd., Bridgwater, and the tenant, Mr. George Henry NORMAN. - Mr. F. E. WEATHERLY appeared for the Justices, and Mr. C. A. S. GARLAND for the owner and licensee. Mr. WEATHERLY stated that the population of Cannington was 1,031, and there were nine licensed houses, being one house for every 114 persons. The house did a fair but declining trade. In 1907 102½ barrels of beer were sold, and in 1909, 81⅞ barrels. - P.S. ALLEN stated that what made the house difficult of supervision, was that on one side there was only a two foot wall between it and some cottages adjoining and a hedge on the other. - Mr. GARLAND on behalf of the owners, gave an undertaking to erect a wall on both sides to the satisfaction of the Chairman of the Committee and the local Licensing Committee, and the license was renewed on that condition.

STAG'S HEAD, DUNSTER. - The Stag's Head, Dunster, an alehouse, tenant Mr. Edward Thomas CLARKE, and owner, Mr. John BUCKNELL, Bradford-on-Avon, was objected to on the ground of redundancy. - Mr. GARLAND appeared for the renewal authority. Mr. C. BLACKFORD, of Minehead, for the owners, and Mr. F. S. DODSON, of Taunton, for the licensee. - Mention was made of the fact that no-one appeared before the licensing justices either for the owner or the tenant, and Mr. BLACKFORD said he only appeared now because he had a petition to present, signed by 180 inhabitants of the village. - P.S. CHANT stated that no no-one would suffer if the house was closed. - The license was refused.

REFUSED WITHOUT OPPOSITION. - The license of the Queen's Head, Frome, the owners of which are Messrs. S. Ruddle & Sons, brewers, of Bradford-on-Avon, and the licensee Mr. Andrew ROBERTSON, was also refused. - Mr. WEATHERLY appeared for the renewal authority, but neither the owners nor the licensee were represented. - Supt. GILLBANKS stated that there had been nine changes in the tenancy of the house in 10 years. - The Black Dog, Standerwick, an anti-1869 beerhouse, owners the Frome United Breweries Company, Limited, Vallis Way, Frome, licensee Mr. Edward DICKER, was similarly dealt with. - Mr. WEATHERLY again appeared for the Justices. -The license of the Forge Hammer, Ashton Vale, Bishopsworth, owners the Ashton Gate Brewery Co., Ltd, Bedminster, licensee, Mr James Thomas CRANE, was refused by consent, Mr. ROBERTS, who appeared for both the owners and tenant, offering no objection. The same course was adopted with regard to the King William, Ilchester, an on-beerhouse, owner, Mr. Walter Henry BAXTER, licensee. Mr. Oliver PEARCE; the Choughs Tap, Yeovil, an on-beerhouse, owners, Mr. E. W. ROWSELL, Manchester, and Miss J. S. ROWSELL, Bideford, tenant, Mr. Samuel TAYLOR; the Fox and Hounds, Compton Dundon, an on ante-1869 beer-house, owner, the Right Hon. The Earl of Ilchester, Dorchester, licensee, Mr. F. NAPPER; the Lorna Doone, Porlock, an alehouse, owners, Messrs. W. Hancock & Sons, Wiveliscombe, tenant, Mr. Lewellyn DAVIS; and the Cherrygrove, Stoke St Mary, Taunton, owners, Messrs. Arnold & Sons, brewers, Taunton licensee, Mr. Thos. DARCH. Mr. GARLAND appeared for the renewal authority in reference to the Fox and Hounds and the King William, and Mr. J. TREVOR-DAVIES, of Yeovil, for the owners and tenants. In the case of the Choughs Tap, Mr. GARLAND also represented the renewal authority, Mr. J. TREVOR-DAVIES for the owners, and Mr. C. F. SAUNDERS, Crewkerne, for the licensee. Mr. BLATCHFORD appeared for the owners and licensee of the Lorna Doone, and Mr. MOGER, of Taunton, for the owners and tenant of the Cherrygrove.

NORTH CURRY LICENSE RENEWED. - In the case of the Royal Oak, Haymoor's End, North Curry, owner and licensee Mr. Thos. DERHAM, Mr. S. C. GOODMAN represented the Licensing Justices, and Mr. PRATT the owner and licensee. - Mr. GOODMAN said the population of the district was 1,525, and there were 10 licensed houses, giving one house to every 152 persons, which was double the average in the licensing district of Taunton. - P.S. REED said the Rising Sun, which was 370 or 400 yards from the Royal Oak, was a superior house. - By Mr. PRATT: The house was well conducted. - Superintendent STOKER said the house, which was reached by a bad bye road, was practically a hovel and the sanitary conditions bad. - Evidence was also given by Mr. J. COOMBS, assistant-overseer, and Mr. S. F. H. PRICE, architect. - Thomas DERHAM, the licensee, said he had held the license for 23 years. He received many visitors, especially during the summer months, who came to see stock. His yearly consumption was 2,500 gallons, principally cider. - Mr. PRATT said the man DERHAM had made a living there, and felt bound to oppose the suggested closing of the house. It was used by a certain class of men who worked on the moor, and would be missed by them. The landlord had raised a family of 11, so the conditions could not be so bad as indicated. - The Bench retired, and on returning said they had decided to renew the license.

PENSFORD LICENSE REFUSED. -The Lord Nelson, Pensford, an on-beerhouse, ante-1869, owners, the Welton Breweries, Limited, Midsomer Norton, licensee, Mr. John SHEARN, was objected to on the ground of redundancy. - Mr. F. E. WEATHERLY appeared for the Licensing Justices, and Mr. ROBERTS for the owner and licensee, who asked for the renewal of the license. - The principal ground on which the renewal was asked for was that a colliery was being started less than a mile away, where it was hoped shortly to employ 500 men. The owners also presented plans showing how they were prepared to re-model the house if the license were renewed. - After a brief retirement the magistrates decided to refuse the license.



The Prince of Wales, Paul-street, an ante-1869 beerhouse, owner Mrs. Mary Jane HART, Malvern-terrace, Taunton, licensee, Mr. Jno. Mark CATTLE, was also objected to on the ground of redundancy. - Mr. PRATT represented the renewal authority; Mr. W. T. BOOKER, of Wellington, the licensee; and Mr. F. W. BISHOP, of Bridwater, [sic] the owner. - Mr. PRATT pointed out that the number of licensed houses in Taunton was one for every 231 of the population, but in the West Ward, where the Prince of Wales was situated, there was one for every 124 people. There was a number of other houses within a very small radius, the nearest being the Devonshire Inn, opposite, which was only 27 yards away. - Superintendent STOKER said the ceilings of the house were low, and there was only a very small back yard. In reply to Mr. BOOKER, he said he had no objection at all to the licensee, and in answer to Mr. BISHOP, he said he had been told that this was Mrs. HART's only source of income. - Mr. BOOKER, for the licensee, pointed out that he had been brought up in the house, and if they took away the license they would be robbing him and his family of his only means of subsistence. It was not what might be called, in vulgar language, a beer-shifting house – the main trade was that of an eating-house, in connection with which they found the license extremely useful. - The licensee then gave evidence, in the course of which he stated that as many as from 100 to 150 had dinner at his house on a Saturday, and without hearing anything further of the case the Chairman announced that the magistrates had unanimously decided to renew the license.

The license of the Bell Inn, High-street, Taunton, owner Mr. Henry RICHARDS, mortgagee in possession, Mrs. Ethel Mary AMBROSE, Barn Green, Worcestershire, was refused by consent of all parties concerned. - Mr. PRATT appeared for the Justices, Mr. MOGER, of Taunton, for the owner, and Mr. E. T. ALMS, of Taunton, for the mortgagee.

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