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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 14 Oct 1914

Page 6 Column 6


WEDNESDAY. - Before the Mayor (Councillor G. HINTON), Alderman F. W. PENNY (ex-mayor), Messrs. W. LOCK, W. H. WESTLAKE, J. WHITE, J. P. SIBLEY, and Eland CLATWORTHY.


The 'Magistrates' Clerk (Mr. Geo. H. KITE) announced that the following had been added to the Commission of the Peace for the borough of Taunton: - Messrs. John Pottinger(?) SIBLEY, of Highclere, Taunton; Frederick Wm. PENNY, Greenway House, Taunton; and Eland CLATWORTHY, Cutsey, Trull. - The new magistrates then took the statutory oaths. - The Mayor said as chief magistrate, and on behalf of the other magistrates he wished to extend a very hearty welcome to the newly-appointed justices. A great honour had been conferred upon them, and he had no doubt it would be greatly appreciated. Judging by the services they had already rendered to the town, he was sure they would render equally good service in their new position. He would also like to congratulate the Deputy-Mayor upon being the youngest magistrate in the borough.


John DOMINEY, cab driver, of 1, Gloucester-street, Taunton, pleaded guilty to having failed to illuminate the rear identification plate of a motor-car in Cheapside at 10.50 p.m. on the 30th September. - P.C. BOWDITCH stated the facts, and said that when spoken to defendant said he had had a great deal of trouble with the lamp. - Defendant said the lamp could only have been out for about three minutes. - Fined 1s and 5s costs.


Thomas Geo. C. TRIM, engineer, of 19, Broadway, Maidstone, Kent, did not appear in answer to a summons for having on the 7th inst. driven a motor-car without a rear light at 8.30 p.m. He was also charged with having failed to illuminate the rear identification plate at the same time and place.

P.C. HILL stated the facts, and said that at 8.30 p.m. he was on duty in High-street when he saw defendant driving a motor-car without a rear light. When asked the reason he said the lamp was lit when he was at Wellington.

Defendant wrote exp essing <sic> his regret, stating that it was a strange car, and he did not know there was anything wrong with the lamp. He hoped the Bench would deal with him as leniently as possible as he had two brothers at the Front and he was assisting their wives. - The case was adjounred for payment of the costs.



Wm. GIBBS, mason's labourer, of Broom, Bishop's Lydeard, pleaded guilty to having allowed his wife to become chargeable to the common fund of the Taunton Union.

Mr. W. F. B. DAWE, on behalf of the Taunton Board of Guardians, said that in July last the defendant's wife was unwell and the doctor recommended her removal to the Workhouse. Defendant appeared before the Guardians and undertook to pay 5s per week for her maintenance. He was then working on the new Vicarage at Bishop's Lydeard, getting 4½d per hour. He paid one 5s and then left his work, giving out that he was going to the Front. He believed defendant belonged to the Red Cross, but he had not continued in employment, and it was suggested that he was not fond of work. His wife and two children were at present in the Workhouse.

Mr. F. J. TRICKEY, relieving-officer, corroborated, and said the foreman had informed him that he kept defendant's job open for him for a week.

Defendant said he had tried his best to join the Army. He was a member of the Red Cross, but the Instructor told him that he was not wanted. He would like to have gone with the Red Cross. He did several years in the Yeomanry and passed for the Army with the exception of his teeth. He offered his wife to leave the Workhouse a fortnight ago. He had the same home awaiting her as before. - Defendant was committed to prison for a month, the committal to be adjourned for a fortnight.


Caroline OATEN, widow, of 13, King-street, pleaded not guilty to having assaulted and beaten Lilian OATEN, married woman, of Holway, on the 26th ult. - The Mayor: Is it your daughter? - Defendant: My daughter-in-law, worse luck. - Complainant stated that her mother-in-law had accused her of stealing a coat which she gave her permission to get from the pawnshop. On the evening in question she was at the top of King-street when defendant came along and pulled and dragged her about the road. Complainant had a baby in her arms, and defendant said that if she had a knife in her pocket she would cut the coat off her back. - The case was adjourned for a fortnight in order to see if the parties could settle their differences.


John ROMAN, a tramp, pleaded guilty to having on the previous evening, whilst an inmate of the casual ward, destroyed a portion of his clothing. - James STILWELL, labour master at the Workhouse, said defendant was admitted the previous evening and tore up his shirt and trousers. - Defendant said his clothing was very bare and thin. - One month's hard labour.

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<NOTES: Caroline OATEN is Caroline Louisa KITCH daughter of John KITCH and Sarah TRUMP, married Charles Robert OATEN

Lilian OATEN is Lilian Elizabeth Mary BAILEY daughter of George Thomas or Thomas BAILEY and Emily BROWNING, married Charles Robert OATEN>